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Lose weight playing soccer

Play a game of football with friends helps you burn more fat , and gain more body mass to go out and run , according to research by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

They studied 37 healthy subjects , between 31 and 33 years of age, who were divided into two groups: some played soccer and others ran for 12 weeks, for an hour, three times a week.

To measure your effort, they were placed monitors heart rate chest and samples of his were compared blood and muscle tissue , taken before and after each game of football or race . The study found that runners lost 2% fat, while the players lost 3.7%, ie almost twice as fat . In addition, in the corridors it was modified just their muscle mass , while the players football increased almost two kilos.


In addition, the investigation showed that footballers have more fun, get tired unless you only run, and think both the fatigue and sore muscles because they enjoy most about their activity.

Moreover, playing football is also beneficial for bones , because with the accelerations, decelerations, jumps and twists, building increases bone by the body of the players.

Play football since before puberty favors the content and mineral concentration of the bone and gives them a larger size, so your femur grows to 23%, and 10% in the lumbar area of the spine , according to another study by Dr. Jose Antonio Lopez Calbet, University of Las Palmas.

Therefore, take the Pastillas para bajar de peso or typical peel or play an amateur can help you lose weight and strengthen your muscles and bones .

The other SEO: what you will have to do the SEO with football?


A priori, nothing, but we will check that they will find some similarity.

On the one hand, imagine that we have a physical business like a restaurant or a shop, and we decided to try their luck in the online world by creating a website through which users can know, research products, online reservation in the case restaurant or buy in the case of the store. Another possibility is that we are a puree player , ie only dedicate ourselves to online commerce, as it was until now Amazon .

Well, whoever we are , what matters is to get benefits from the online store , ie, score many goals and win many games , and this is not easy and is not achieved only with a good player. This is achieved with much training and with the contribution of various components such as front, the goalkeeper, defenders, coach and a set of good and varied plays. If we now find ourselves in the online world, we know that  not only working much the SEO of our website get generate many conversions, which, in the case of the restaurant are the reserves, and in the case of stores will be sales. to ensure that our website reaches a sufficient benefit to offset the money invested, we need several players and pursue a strategy to complement these players, achieved score goals and win games.
The seo a good football player

And … who is who in this team?

A player who gets a lot of goals, ie a Cristiano Ronaldo in the online world is the  SEM: Traffic quality with cost per click, paid to Google every time a user searches for information, out our ad and click. It is a short – term strategy.

A player who helps a lot to those who score goals and he also brand, is the seo services brisbane: Quality traffic without cost per click , but here no one can guarantee results or positions, do not know when we will have results. It is a long – term strategy.

Influence that a good organic positioning of our site and good SEO of our website structure positively help our SEM, ie help the ads Google paid out the first retail cost, but not the reverse:  the fact to pay Google does not mean that’s going to improve our organic positioning.

And more players we consider to be our triumph:

–  Marketing of content : creation and distribution of quality content to attract and retain users in a defined audience.

– Marketing on social networks : gaining traffic to our website through social networks.

Without the support of all these players: SEO, SEM, content marketing and social networks  We will be very difficult to score a goal!

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5 Best Movies about soccer

Most men are football fans, this is a phenomenon that occurs in almost everyone.If we see a rolling ball, no matter which party is concerned, we were smitten; as well as play football video games, read about football and, why not, we watched movies about this exciting sport.

In recent months much has been talking about maybe making a film about Lionel Messi and Pele has already confirmed that soon begin filming a movie about him, so thanks to the collaboration of xmovies8 we took the opportunity to review the top 5 films about football .

Soccer Days (2003)

With the leading role of Alberto San Juan, Ernesto Alterio, Natalia Verbeke and Maria Esteve, Football Days is a film director David Serrano that revolves around personal conflicts of a team of thirtysomething athletes, who will make the impossible to become in a local tournament champions. The tape had five nominations for the Goya awards .

The Longest Penalty Shot in the World (2005)

A peculiar Spanish film adaptation, directed by Roberto Santiago and starringFernando Tejero , who will play Fernando, a frustrated archer who must assume great responsibility to replace the goalkeeper by a team of third division.The film is an adaptation of the book of Osvaldo Soriano .

Skedaddle (2007)

We are possibly at the first football movie focused from the point of view of an umpire who in addition to suffering a deep depression, he will be forced to continue his life directing all kinds of parties and ignoring insults the audience.The film was directed by Alvaro Fernandez Armero .

British cinema gave us The Damned United , a drama inspired by real cases.Football has never been focused on the new concepts of Michael Sheen , who adds a different and original vision. In that sense, the black humor is the best ally for these films.

Offside (2012)

This is the latest football tape. Also starring actor Fernando Tejero and under the direction of David Marquis . In offside is a comedy co – produced between Argentina and Spain. History tells us the unfortunate events that happen in a football team. Hugo Silva, Diego Peretti and Patricia Montero also participate.

Have you seen any of these movies football ? What other movies about the sport you liked? Watch more movies you liked on putlocker.

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