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Sooner football and kayak

How it rains and does not run the stream that passes by in front of my house, I can not catch my kayak and dragged leaving me for the flow until you reach the sea. It is a say, but something about I can do this privileged? Yes … I assume …

Well, to load the kayak in the bars of the car park where ya find a site on the Water, almost like everybody, shoveling for a while in this sunny afternoon in February, a … more, More info here.

11But it is rush hour fisherman, no hay sitio y tengo search that placed the cart to clear the kayak up the shore, ningún inconveniente detendrá me.


Looking the forecast map waves came who had temporary Corsica and on Monday it Habra in Comunidad Valenciana and Baleares south, but Here was a quiet Mediterranean front with a little deep sea: the shelter dentro del puerto más tranquilo Aún.
Me gusta mucho salir del puerto y climb rumbo sur-west, following the coast, apuntando with the bow towards me Vilassar kayak and watch the Serra de Marina querida both transit Entrenamientos running around in the trailer for the summer: ¡mira !: Montcabrer and Burriac.
11After shoveling decided during 45 minutes back to the harbor, the coast alejado the suficiente y cómo puedo observed Mataro extending the city remontando the slopes.
Mientras Towards a few photos at the entrance of the harbor also bequeathed to patrol maritime surveillance mucha velocidad y levantando a big surge, what scare, ellos also handcrafts into three nudos …
11And to leave ya, ya todo para la vuelta prepare at home, and at the car load the kayak. It has been a wonderful ratillo at the end of this sunny afternoon.


For cierta, anorak me respond very well, I will protect the fresh sea breeze and impeded that I fear the water will enter the and push me on the shore.
¿There was dicho afternoon of kayaking and football? Football Bueno suerte elusive, Judge’s miserable and tendentious.

Broccoli and food processor, a highly healthy food for athletes its properties and benefits.

Broccoli in a vegetable belonging to the group of brassicas such as cauliflower, kohlrabi, cabbage and brussels sprouts. It is a food with many nutrients beneficial to the body that is why it is considered a food with many medicinal benefits.

Broccoli has anticancer effects, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, it also helps to prevent anemia by having high amounts of iron, it helps to strengthen the immune system.

Broccoli is abundant in beta-carotene antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamin E and vitamin C, and isothiocyanates. Vitamin C creates collagen and preserves healthy skin, and vitamin E preserves cellular membranes of the skin in addition to protecting the skin from grape rays, the broccoli possesses selenium component which helps in the transformation of estrogens that passes into the liver, Has alkalizing power and regulates blood pH (it is one of the green vegetables with greater alkalinity), it also helps to eliminate toxins to the body.

Broccoli contains sulforaphane, belonging to sulfur compounds, helps to prevent gastric pathologies. It is abundant in calcium. It is beneficial for the heart, having little fat and having potassium. The broccoli is ideal to include it in diets to lose weight by having the quality of satiating to contain fribra. It also has benefits for the eyes, has lutein that prevents the eyes from suffering degenerative diseases (age-related pathologies, cataracts, ect.)

It is recommended to eat it raw or raw so that it conserves more nutrients, because being excessively cooked loses properties. It is a vegetable recommended to consume it several days a week for all its benefits. It is advisable before beginning some type of diet or consuming food supplement products follow recommendations of a professional in nutrition. This data is for guidance only.

Although many do not like to eat it alone, broccoli without additives, is one of the healthiest vegetables and with more nutritious benefits beneficial for both sports and sedentary people.

Among its properties, for example, broccoli contains a lot of vitamins A and C, essential for our daily activity. Among these vitamins is a high amount of antioxidants that allow to preserve a good appearance of the skin, helping to avoid the accelerated aging, characteristic of the body during the practice of cardiovascular activities.

These antioxidants also help prevent cancerous diseases. This is the case of estrogen, a female hormone that is combated by broccoli, helping to prevent breast cancer in the case of women, and preventing gynecomastia in the case of men, in addition to muscle weakness and Appearance of acne. These natural antiestrogens from broccoli are especially useful in people who are prone to hormonal disorders and also in people looking to gain muscle mass in the gym by allowing them to create a favorable hormonal environment for that goal.

Its content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, make it good to keep bones healthy and strong, an important issue for children, seniors and, of course, athletes.

It also contains important amounts of folic acid and beta-carotene, which help to heal the infections with greater speed in our organism, thus allowing an accelerated return to the sport practice.

Finally the broccoli contains fiber, so it helps to fight constipation.

It is recommended to consume at least once a week.

The Pan broccoliEnjoy an appetizer or as a link to a main course for a boost of fiber and flavor.

This easy, delicious dish combines perfect with soup or salad for a well balanced meal.By itself, it makes for a great bite.

With just a handful of ingredients and a food processor, the spread of broccoli comes together in minutes.

We love high pile of lightly toasted fresh bread. But if that’s not your style, use it as stuffing lettuce or add it to a salad for a boost of flavor and plenty of vitamins and fiber.

You like the difference with local, seasonal and organic broccoli. Broccoli stems are the sweetest part of the vegetable, so be sure to use them in this extension.

Yield: 4 to 6 servings as a side, 2 to 3 as a main course

Time: 20 minutes


  • 1 to 2 crowns of broccoli, chopped into pieces (do not work too hard on this, the food processor will do most of the work for you, read more)
  • 2 cloves garlic, peeled
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Red chili flakes, to taste


Add the broccoli and garlic to the food processor. Press several times until finely chopped. Be careful not to over-process it, which turns the broccoli into a puree.

Heat a skillet over medium-high heat and add 1 to 2 tablespoons. Of olive or coconut oil. Transfer broccoli mixture and reduce heat to medium-low. Cook, stirring occasionally for about 10 minutes. Season with salt, pepper and red chili flakes if desired.

Top lightly toasted bread.

Does sweating a lot during training exercise help remove blackheads and blackheads?

The main cause of acne is the accumulation in the pores of dead cells, natural oils and bacteria. This problem can be controlled to some extent, but not completely avoided. Acne lesions take the form of blackheads, blackheads, pustules and papules; And sweating from football traning or for any other reason affects these injuries, but not in a positive way. Blackheads can be made worse by perspiration if preventative actions are not taken.


Blackheads are a type of mild acne injury, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. They develop when skin oil and dead cells partially block a pore, leaving some space for the air to have contact with the matter that causes the obstruction. The exposed area darkens and becomes visible becoming black spot on a shin. One type of related injury is the white spot, which occurs when the pore is completely blocked and the air can not touch the material inside.


Blackheads and other pimples that occur due to excessive sweating occur from the sweat which contributes to the clogging in the pores. The use of oily make-up contributes to the problem, and even oil-free skin products do when used during intense physical activity, warns The sunscreen that mixes with the sweat magnifies the effects of the blockade of the pores causing pimples. Clothes made of fabrics that trap sweat and hold it next to the skin instead of absorbing it, can generate pimples and pimples on the chest, back and other areas covered in the body.

Treatment / Prevention

Blackheads usually respond to over-the-counter acne formulations containing ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, resorcinol or salicylic acid. These ingredients work in a number of ways, such as slowing the production of cells and oil or reducing grains and blackheads. Wear workout clothes that absorb moisture from your body. Try to prevent pimples related to excessive sweating by taking a shower as soon as possible after training exercising. It’s okay to use a medicated cleanser in the shower, just do not rub your skin too much, as you can irritate the lesions and make them worse. Read more on how home remedies remove blackheads.


Abundant sweating induced by traning, exercise and other causes can lead to a certain type of acne called Pityrosporum folliculitis, explains dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey. These lesions have a different appearance from blackheads, as they usually manifest in large white or red protuberances. This type of acne is common in young people who wear intense sports training due to excessive sweating caused by their physical activity. Pimples tend to appear on the scalp line, on the forehead, jaw, back, sides of the neck, back and chest. Like blackheads, this type of injury can also be treated with gentle cleansing, although severe cases need medication. Yeasts in the environment play an important role in these grains, so to prevent them from appearing, your doctor may prescribe anti-fungal medications.

How alkaline water works and why it is good for the runner

e acids being discharged into our bloodstream. daily.

With a balanced and alkaline lifestyle we will make our performance much greater, recover faster and less frequent muscle aches and injuries.

Throughout this article I will give you one of the guidelines to get it, perhaps the most important, applying the concept of alkalinity to your lifestyle. At the time of writing this entry, I have been practicing the Alkaline lifestyle for over two years, during which I have traveled more than 10,000 km, with monthly averages over 400 km and without having suffered any injuries.

How alkaline water works and why it is good for the runner

Acidification and metabolic stress

The food we usually eat, according to the quality of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins that they give rise to, in greater or lesser measure, a condition of acidity or alkalinity to the organism.

Some foods are more acidic than others. Especially acidic are protein-rich meats and commercial isotonic drinks, with high sugar content.

It is easy to understand that if our body does not have enough capacity to eliminate all the acid waste that it generates through the lungs, skin and kidneys, little by little the concentration of toxins in our blood is increasing and with that it becomes acidifying, That is, it decreases its pH.

Our muscles will then have difficulty getting nutrients from an increasingly dirty and acidic blood that does not bring them what they need.

Self-regulation of the pH of our organism

The pH of blood, as we know, is one of the biological variables most closely controlled by the organism. As I mentioned in previous posts, the blood has a pH = 7,345 and range of oscillation is extremely small. So much so that very small variations mean big problems for our health, both excess and default.


If blood pH falls below 7.2, central nervous system depression occurs, with decreased cardiac contractility, decreased myocardial inotropic response to catecholamines, hyperkalemia, arrhythmias, and so on. If it is below 6.9 it is incompatible with life.


If on the contrary the pH in blood exceeds 7.55 causes serious disorders and above 7.8 leads to death. An excessive dose of bicarbonate, exposure to high altitudes that lowers oxygen partial pressure, or pulmonary hyperventilation caused by acute anxiety crises among other causes can produce alkalosis.

Regulatory systems or blood pH buffer systems

Our organism has several intracellular and extracellular systems, called buffers or buffers, that allow to maintain the constant pH in the blood. In this way it avoids that the concentration of hydrogen ions in the blood increases and therefore it avoids lowering its pH and becomes more acidic.

The systems that we have to regulate the pH in the blood are the following:

  • Carbonic acid / bicarbonate regulator system (53%)

It is the most effective system (blood) the extracellular fluid, because the relationship C0 3 H / H 2 CO 3 is 20/1. It provides high buffer capacity against acids also being an open system, whereby excess CO 2 can be removed by the lungs rapidly and HCO 3 by the kidneys.

H 2 O + CO 2 <==> H 2 CO 3 <==> HCO 3 + H +

<- In the presence of an acid moves leftward
in presence of a base is displaced to the right ->

  • Hemoglobin regulator system Hb (35%)

It is also a very efficient buffer. Hemoglobin can be considered as a monoprotic acid.

Acid form: HHb <==> Hb + H +
oxyhemoglobin: HHbO 2 <==> HbO 2 + H +

  • Protein regulatory system (7%)

It is important at the intracellular level. The negative charge of proteins gives it the ability to bind to protons.

  • Dihydrogen phosphate / hydrogenated phosphate buffer system (5%)

Phosphates can form part of organic and inorganic compounds. In the case of organic compounds, the phosphate regulator is very important at the intracellular level. Phosphates of inorganic compounds act at the extracellular level, on the interstitial fluid and renal tubules.

The first two regulators are the most important for us, since they have the maximum capacity to keep the pH balanced in the blood.

The hemoglobin regulator complements the action of the carbonic acid / bicarbonate regulator to control the concentration of bicarbonates in the blood.

In this article we will focus on the carbon / bicarbonate acid buffer system.

Carbonic acid / bicarbonate regulator system

Our blood has alkaline regulators and acid regulators that constantly monitor the pH of the same to keep it constant at pH = 7.345. When the blood becomes very alkaline, the acid regulator works to lower the pH and when the blood becomes very acidic. For its part, the alkaline regulator works to raise the pH.

The alkaline buffer is bicarbonate ion (HCO 3 ) associated with alkaline minerals. Some examples of alkaline regulators are sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate. Here the importance incorporate into our diet minerals through alkaline foods.

The acid buffer is mainly carbonic acid (H 2 CO 3 ) and the combination of water and carbon dioxide. The carbohydrate once metabolized, it is completely converted into carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and water (H 2 O).

Importance of bicarbonate ion (HCO 3 ) blood

Figure 1. How the bicarbonate ion acts in blood

In Figure 1, we can see how the bicarbonates in the blood plasma play a very important role in the short term in the alkalinization of blood. They react with hemoglobin within red blood cells or red blood cells, both in the lungs and muscle tissues, to achieve acid-base balance regulation, thereby reducing the acidity of blood.

The importance of the bicarbonate ion throughout the process leaves no doubt. Without the presence of this ion would be impossible oxygenation of tissues and removing part of carbonic acid (H 2 CO 3 ) as CO 2 .

We have all appreciated on some occasions how the faces and bodies of deep-end and deep-end athletes (and all those athletes who practice high intensity sports and duration) show great physical deterioration at an early age.

This is an unmistakable symptom of aging that produces an excess of acidity in our body if we do poor alkalinity management. That is, if we fail to raise the level of bicarbonates in blood.

Food and Hydration Alkaline

Alkaline foods

One of the most effective ways to feel the benefits of alkalinity increasing blood bicarbonates, is consuming forms alkaline foods. These foods are characterized by their rich content in minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and zinc mainly. Conversely phosphorus, sulfur, iron, iodine , and chlorine, typically found as part of both animal protein and vegetable are acidifiers.

Both types of foods, alkaline and acids, are necessary for our organism, we just have to try to manage their intake well. We need 80% of alkaline and 20% of acids, to get a healthy and correct diet.

So our diet should be based on a solid intake of alkaline foods and is also very important not to forget the intake of liquids with alkaline properties. Through the liquids we can influence much faster on the level of alkalinity of our organism helping to neutralize the acidity. And a very effective way is to drink alkaline water.

What is alkaline water

Electrolytic Alkaline Water Ionizing Vessel11

Alkaline Water is obtained by dissociating the neutral water molecules into anions and cations either by the electrolysis process or by the filtration process. In my case I use a ionizer electrolysis jar , because it is cheaper and does not require filters.

Alkaline water with its electrolytic parameters is very close to body fluids (blood, cell fluid, …). This is why it is quickly incorporated into the body’s vital activity, positively affecting its energy balance.

The activated (alkaline and acidic) water obtained by electrolysis has many properties:

  • For starters it is totally harmless
  • with a high content of active hydrogen (H + ), higher than normal water
  • Lower surface tension than normal water from faucets
  • Its structure is of clusters of 6 to 8 molecules, what makes it very moisturizing
  • Lower Redox potential (oxidation-reduction) than tap water, which increases its ability to block free radicals
  • A pH = 8.0-10 for alkaline water) and a pH = 2.5-5.5 for acid water, other than pH = 7 for normal water.

Now, all these properties change when activated water reaches the stomach and interacts with an acid stomach.

In fact, an objection frequently made to alkaline food is that when food or alkaline water reaches the stomach, it is neutralized by the acidity of the hydrochloric acid thereof. Whereupon arises that drinking alkaline water is useless.

However, alkaline water does have alkalizing effect on blood. To know why, it is necessary to understand how alkaline water acts upon reaching the stomach and intestine.

How to get alkaline water

You can read how to get alkaline water in this entry of my blog. You can also see it in this video of my Youtube channel.

How alkaline water acts in our body

In a laboratory, from sodium bicarbonate and hydrochloric acid we can obtain sodium chloride (salt), water and carbon dioxide, according to the following reaction:

HCl + NaHCO 3 ==> CO 2 + H 2 O + NaCl

This is a non-reversible reaction in the laboratory, which means that we can not get the reverse reaction, ie hydrochloric acid and bicarbonate from carbon dioxide, water and salt.

However, our body itself has the ability to produce hydrochloric acid in the stomach cells from carbon dioxide and salt water according to the following reversible reaction:

CO 2 + H 2 O + NaCl <==> HCl + NaHCO 3

This reaction, from left to right, is only possible in our stomach thanks to the help of an enzyme .

The stomach produces hydrochloric acid to maintain an acid pH, about 4.0. When we alkaline water with a high pH, as we have seen before, when the stomach pH low water and is neutralized, and as a result the stomach pH rises, depending on the quantity and pH of alkaline water is taken.

When the stomach pH rises above 4.5, the stomach will produce more hydrochloric acid to again place the stomach pH around 4.0.

As products of this reaction get hydrochloric acid (HCl) that is poured into the stomach to lower the pH, and sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO 3 ) that goes into the bloodstream, increasing the alkalinity.

Intake of alkaline water (pH> 8) is therefore very positive for our body and has the important effect of increasing the amount of bicarbonate ions in the blood.

The importance of bicarbonate in alkalinization

As we saw earlier, the sodium bicarbonate (resulting from this reaction) is the main alkaline buffer in our blood.

An insufficient amount of bicarbonates in the blood reduces our ability to neutralize and eliminate the acid that our body produces. As we know this is the main cause of premature aging, fatigue, slow recovery and many injuries in the corridors.

The 45 years is the average age when humans begin to lose alkaline regulators – bicarbonates – in the blood and that is when they start to show symptoms of diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis and many other degenerative diseases. Since we can not handle acids, we accumulate acidic wastes in the body. These wastes are shown as cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, urates, sulfates, phosphates, kidney stones, etc.

When we say that we alkalize our body, it does not necessarily mean that our saliva or urine pH will rise, but it does mean that the concentration of bicarbonates in the blood will rise.

Therefore, when consuming alkaline water, the pH of the blood does not change, but it increases the capacity of the same to neutralize the acids in the body.

The most important function of alkaline water is to increase bicarbonates in the blood.

When is it more effective to take alkaline water

The most effective is to consume alkaline water before playing sports and on an empty stomach. In this case two possible situations can occur:

Reaction in the stomach

As the amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is small, a sufficient intake of alkaline water (pH> 8.5) will increase the pH of the stomach and will allow, through the above reaction, to incorporate more bicarbonates into the blood.

CO 2 + H 2 O + NaCl ==> HCl + NaHCO 3

Reaction in the intestine

If the stomach is empty, as there is no solid food to digest, the alkaline water can pass directly into the intestine, where it will be absorbed and incorporated into the bloodstream.

Just then come into play (H acid buffer 2 CO 3 ), interacting with alkaline water to lower the pH and leave it at pH = 7,345. The acid regulator at that time is transformed into an alkaline regulator.

H 2 O + CO 2 <==> H 2 CO 3 <==> HCO 3 + H +

In the presence of a base moves to the right ->

This would be the generic reaction. Now if the water used for alkaline water we drink is tap water, one of the most abundant minerals dissolved in it is the Calcium , along with other minerals are also found in smaller amounts.

This makes occurs inside the water ionizer, hydroxide aqueous calcium primarily, which will react with the acid buffer (H 2 CO 3 ) producing more bicarbonates according to the following reaction.

Ca (OH) 2 + 2 (H 2 CO 3 ) <==> Ca ++ ( HCO 3 ) 2 + 2 (H 2 O)

In this way we see how alkaline water increases the amount of bicarbonates in the bloodstream also by this way.

Why Alkalinity is Important for an Athlete

11When the acid spillage increases in our blood, both by the metabolic processes of degradation of proteins, and by those that happen inside our cells to obtain energy, our body becomes acidic and we need more bicarbonates to neutralize them.

If we properly replace bicarbonates from the blood, our body will stay healthy and vital and we will keep fatigue, fatigue and oxidation away from our body.

Sports activity and a change in eating habits contribute to increase bicarbonates in the blood, thereby increasing resistance to fatigue and reducing the risk of injury.

These eating habits include eating alkaline foods rich in minerals, replace artificial drinks full of sugar by alkaline water and other alkaline drinks, such as alkaline lime and soda drink .

It is clear that alkaline water, either alone or using it in other beverages such as teas, lemonades, beverage chia and drink Pinole , may be the best ally of the corridor in front of sugary commercial beverages, which although can help you win A career, can greatly reduce your most important career, that of your life.

That’s business Barca footballers

A large sector of blaugrana costume is outside the world of football business interests. His tastes, personalities and inclinations are reflected in the formula they have chosen to invest a portion of their savings


These are businesses Messi, Neymar, Alves, Iniesta, and Pique Rakitic


Leo Messi bets on the housing market

Argentine Leo Messi is firmly committed to the real estate market since debuting in the business world. Apart from the company Jendil Di, which deals with the exploitation of its many advertising contracts and their image rights, the Blaugrana crack has invested heavily in construction, both in Spain and in his native Rosario.

Your company Limecu 2010 SA is dedicated to the purchase, lease and sale of land and housing. He began fogueándose on the subject with a registered capital of only 3,000 euros, although it has slowly grown and experience has allowed him to make the leap to Argentina. In his day he invested in the exclusive Aqualina tower, an impressive building 125 meters high and 40 floors of apartments -Several your property- located in the center of Rosario and was inaugurated in 2009.

Messi has also invested in a Azahares del Paraná residential complex in Fighiera the banks of the Parana River. This is an exclusive development of 80 hectares which is currently under construction, although it is expected that the first homes will start to be delivered throughout this year.

The exclusive villas, located on plots of 650 to 1200 square meters, have a privileged environment, surrounded by nature. It is planned that the complex also count on a marina with moorings for sixty boats, tennis courts, sports courts, swimming pool, spa, various fields of football great and small. The complex is valued at 20 million euros in total.

Most of its revenue outside the football come from the agreements it has signed with various sponsors, which guarantee nearly twenty million euros annually. Its main sponsors are the German company Adidas, which is its main standard in the world of football, as well as Pepsi, Gillette, Electronic Arts, Turkish Airlines, Scalp-D and Samsung. It is also the image of a wine brand, Leo, which produces a winery Argentina after reaching an agreement with the Foundation.

Neymar, skilful in business management

Since I was 18, the Brazilian Neymar is the spearhead of a powerful business group, NR Sports, led by his father who is dedicated mainly to manage its many advertising contracts. The company has diversified and intends to use the experience gained in the gesión Blaugrana to make it available to other athletes or artists.

NN NN Administration and Consulting, the two branches of NR Sports, billed each year about 30 million euros and are managed by twenty professionals working full time, plus a similar number of collaborators. His priority until now was protect the image of the front and manage the many commercial offers received, although through NN Consultoria, now also advises athletes such as surfer Marina Werneck, the promising young Santos Arthur Gomes, the popular Brazilian singer Alexandre Pires, the DJ Thascya and Raffaela, the sister of the player, a star in his country on social networks.

Neymar is the athlete’s asked in an emerging market like Brazil, which has allowed his company would grow quickly and continued in a few years.

Pique invests in video games and burgers

Catalan Gerard Pique is undoubtedly the most daring when investing their assets, as both bet by new technologies such as food. The center founded in November 2011 a company of online games, Kerad Games, which has already invested almost two million euros, confirming their involvement.

Pique also acquired in its day a 27 percent in a Catalan meat company, Bas Alimentària, based in the Vall d’en Bas and dedicated to the production and marketing of burgers made with beef without additives under the brand Natrus, which are sold through networks Caprabo and Carrefour.

Kerad Games, meanwhile, employs thirty people and has developed and marketed its first game, Golden Manager, a simulator where the goal is to create and run a football club. The company is located in Sant Joan Despi and in its first two years of operation has entered around 400.00 euros in total. Pique is the majority shareholder -has about 80% of the share capital and the company also involved in some family and friends. In its day, the Blaugrana also created a real estate company and SICAV.

Rakitic opened a bar in Seville

Croatian Ivan Rakitic came into contact with the business world during his time at Sevilla.In early 2013 he opened a restaurant / café in the neighborhood of Los Bermejales, with his wife, Raquel Mauri, her sister and brother. The business was not bad, but its proximity to the Benito Villamarin he created more problems than expected. The Rakitic himself later explained: “I had to close the bar because it was near the stadium of Betis and had problems with its fans, but will soon open another in the center of the city.”

‘DINAIN Tapas & Copas’ was the name of the restaurant, which argued for caps and popular prices. Located on Avenida Finland, opened from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon to midnight. It was opened several months, but finally surrendered to the siege suffered by diabetics ultras. His move to Barca prevented could remove the thorn opening a new facility, as planned. Perhaps later have a chance to do in Barcelona.

Dani Alves in the world of gastronomy

Brazilian Dani Alves is another blaugrana who devotes much of his free time to the business world. Where appropriate, over recent years it has invested in the fashion industry, in catering and in the housing market. The curious thing about the case is that it has left to his ex-wife, Dinorah Santa Ana, management of the five companies that have registered office in Barcelona, and the address of his football career, as since 2013 also serves as its representative.

In addition to a fashion store, DM3, located at Pau Casals Barcelona -enfrente is kidswear shop the woman who runs compatriot Adriano-, Alves has now focused on the business that opened last year with businesswoman Teresa Martí and Brazilian chef Joao Alcantara. It is Alchemy Fogo, whose novel proposal is a home service restaurant that includes the presence of a chef and menus that fuse Brazilian cuisine with Mediterranean, restaurant ordering system and cooking workshops. The blaugrana side Joao Alcantara met through former teammate Maxwell. Another of his companies is Cedro Esport SL, which is responsible for managing their image rights.

Iniesta has turned in his cellar

Andres Iniesta is a man too busy business concerned. The girl of your eyes is the winery that settled in his hometown of Fuentealbilla, continuing the idea promoted by his father in the nineties after acquiring an area of ten hectares and planted vineyards. The project grew thanks to the efforts of the blaugrana and has ended up becoming a business that employs about twenty people, it occupies 120 hectares and produces wine from Bodegas Iniesta 2010.

With indigenous and international varieties, Iniesta claims to be a very tied to their land wine producer. Not content with this commitment, in 2013 he expanded the business and decided to produce oil. Your brand is Crazy Heart Oil, an extra virgin Arbequina oil.

The midfielder is also manager of the company Maresyterey SL, located in Sant Feliu de Llobregat and dedicated to such diverse activities as managing their image rights and agriculture, forestry and livestock farm land.
The last vertex of its business is the company that has Fuentealbilla dedicated to the construction, renovation, rehabilitation and promotion of land and buildings of all kinds.

Proposal for a battery of assessment of the fitness for youth football 15 to 18 years

Faced with the progress and modernization that is showing football in today’s world, it is necessary to carry out studies to interfere with a scientific basis for future work, which will be implemented in different areas, and that elite athletes need to develop in good shape, as it is his physical condition.

    Considering this scenario, which only points to the professional sector and makes absolute helplessness youth spectrum of national football, it is proposed to establish a battery of tests to assess the different conditional physical skills of the inserts athletes in the elite professional soccer provinces of Talca and Curicó and thus start the path of improving the basis of national youth soccer.

    The problem responds to the lack of batteries almost complete test of the different conditional physical skills applied sport of football which does not reveal good shape conduct input having different Young which does not support develop properly his plan work both individually and collectively when they are started in this sport.

    That is why this study seeks to answer the above as it seeks to establish an indirect test battery field, which serves to assess the physical condition of the young football Maule Region. Similarly, it is intended that this CPAP Batteries will support the different physical education professionals working in this sport. The proposal is feasible to implement battery in the most diverse sports institutions governed by football, such as amateurs institutions, school teams, college, professional, regional, provincial and municipal level institutes; as well as in the preparation of national and international competitions.

Materials and method

    This study is part of the Experimental Design No, because it is done without deliberately manipulate variables. Only situations that occur in the context of research naturally then analyze observed.

    Research was conducted, ranking transectional or Transversal design, because the data are collected in one time and one time ; The variables are described and their impact and interaction is analyzed in a given time; that is, a single measurement.

    This study is descriptive and trying to make a synthesis of the battery of tests that exist to assess Fitness in Sport Young Football, defining the specific conditional physical abilities that develop in football at this age so then propose a battery physical evidence as a model for physical assessment in young players.


    I was working with a young driver 200 shows between 15 and 18 years of the city of Talca and Curicó participating in clubs who play continuously in the field Amateur and Youth Football ANFP.

    physical test more specific indirect field was sought and respond better to measure the conditional physical skills; They are prevailing in the Futbol that were easy to use and limited costs.

Description of tests

1.     Test Flexibility (Wells and Dillon)



Objective: To measure the elasticity of the hip joints and lumbar flexion.


Material: A measuring tape with the structure or form of a drawer that has in its front part 23 cm high, 65 cm long and 51 cm depth. On the box and in the center, there is a table of 82 cm thick. In the back a tape of 82 cm, being in the front stick. Centimeter 25 of the huincha is at the apex of union with the plate footing. On the plate you can locate a cart capable of being moved manually.


Administration: The performer sits in front of the instrument, with bare feet, knees and extended a similar separation width of shoulders, soles must fully rely on the support of former plant measuring tape. The performer should carry arms to the front, palms down and fingers spread. On indication administrator begins to flex the trunk forward, resting his fingertips on the graduated table, trying to reach the maximum range of motion and remaining at least 2 seconds on the position.


Registration: Four attempts by the performer, the best of the last two is recorded. The measurement is recorded in centimeters. If there was a few millimeters, they approach the lower centimeter.

2.     Test Abs



Objective: Measure resistance force dynamics of the abdominal muscles (anterior and oblique abdominal straight), expressed in maximum repetitions performed continuously in 45 seconds.


Material: sufficient cushions to provide support to the entire body of the performer or, alternatively, soft ground. Measuring tape and stopwatch.


Administration: The performer knees bent, feet parallel flat on the floor and heels located between 30 and 40 cm away from the buttocks is fully located on the mats (or soft ground), supine position. The arms are held folded, glued to his chest, his fingers tightly taking the opposite shoulder. Another person keeps her glued to the floor by pressure on the toes feet. A signal teacher, performer, at the maximum speed that is possible, feel and will touch your thighs with your elbows (keeping arms close to his chest and fingers gripping the shoulders), to return to the starting position as fast as possible. Shoulder blades and back should clearly touching the mat.


Register: the number of correct repetitions were recorded uninterrupted the performer achieves performed for 45 seconds.

3.     Test Long Jump with feet together



Objective: To measure the strength of the lower extremities.


Materials: A metal tape 3 meter minimum length, graduated in centimeters. Pencil. A box of approximately 30 x 30 x 5 cm (length, width and height respectively) with chalk or lime. A draft or implement that allows erase traces the floor or ground jump. Area free of obstacles eight meters wide, use a flat, non – slip, soft surface.


Administration: The performer steps into the box with chalk or lime, to mark his heels, then it is located in a standing position, feet parallel and slightly apart, behind the line drawn on the floor. Given the instruction of test administrator: “Rejects and tries to get as far as possible, falling feet together , ” the performer is concentrated to save the greatest possible distance (product of flexion and extension of ankles, knees and hips, and simultaneous momentum swing arm), and fall with both feet on the ground, leaving a clear record of finishing mark.


Registration : You must perform two jumps and is considered the best. Once executed the jump, the assistants perform the measurement from the heel closest to the line rejection footprint, placing the zero point of the huincha in that heel.

4.     Test Extension Arms



Objective: To measure the power extensor muscles of the elbow.


Material: smooth terrain. Light clothing (shirt, shorts). Stopwatch and mattresses.


Administration: The performer is located with the body straight and stretched parallel to the ground, with the fulcrum in the hands and feet. The arms should be perpendicular to theground and your hands flat on the floor directly under your shoulders. The signal given by the examiner, the performer flexes his arms down his chest to play with him on the floor, keeping your body straight. Return to the starting position always keeping your body straight and fully stretching his arms at the end of each bending. The exercise is repeated as many times as possible without interruption, for 30 seconds.


Record: Record full number of extensions, closed number, that the subject makes in 30 seconds without interruption.

5.     Test 30 Meter Dash



Objective: To measure running speed, expressed in seconds and tenths of seconds.


Material: 2 stopwatches in hundredths of a second. Not slippery space level ground, free of obstacles and not less than 40 or 60 meters in length or less than 2.44 meters wide by chairlift.Dialing starting line and finish line.


Administration: The performers are placed in a position of high output with walk in advance rejection and placed immediately behind the starting line. The administrator is located next to the start line with one arm holding the banner and the timekeepers are located on one side of the line. Simultaneously with starting the voice (ready, ya), the low hand administrator to object that the timekeepers -at the same time- actuate the stopwatches.

    At the starting signal, started the race 30 meters which will try to cover as quickly as possible, each timed stop his stopwatch when the trunk of the corridor (not consider head or arms), crosses the finish line.


Registration: The time taken to travel the distance from the starting signal until crossing the finish line is recorded in seconds and tenths of seconds.

6.     Test Course Navette



Objective: To estimate the aerobic capacity (maximal aerobic power PAM) expressed in VO2 max. (Ml / kg.min.) – 1.


Material: minimum of 24 meters long, as wide as possible. All surfaces are good except areas or slippery surfaces. A CD pre-recorded in the protocol, an amplifier cassette (radio-cassette), a visual indicator of periods, a whistle, a stopwatch, a form of Control, a chalk pencil.


Manager before the test: The administrator must verify the speed at which the tape passes in the amplification equipment, as follows: Locate the beginning of the CD reference signal 60 seconds at the first sound signal to operate the stopwatch and stop at the sign for 60 seconds. According to the verified time must adjust the distance as follows:


During the test: Fix all errors in the test run.

    Watch athletes who show any signs of exercise intolerance, headache, chest pain, dizziness, vomiting, facial pallor, tachycardia. Pointing the display (board) the number of periods.Timesheet score in performance obtained by students completed the test immediately. This information will be given to who completes the form. The person who completes the test should recover walking for at least 3 minutes to control their heart rate to meet their resilience.


Register: In the timesheet period number that reached the student scores. If the student fails the following period should be considered inferior. For example, a student reaches the period number five and continues to run without reaching the period number 6 is estimated VO2max. Considering the period No. 5.

7.     Test Matsudo



Objective : Total Anaerobic Power


Material: Soccer field and athletics track, 2 Evaluators, 2 timers in hundredths of seconds, dial starting line and finish line.


Administration: a soccer field or demarked athletics track meter by meter is used, basically between 150 and 350mts. They take two evaluators, the first of which begins to test the voice “and” activating the timer. Immediately, this is directed towards the second evaluator who is to 250mts. Departure, who will be responsible for determining the final support evaluated when the timekeeper informed with “care and” the end of the test time. During the 40 seconds, the assessed should go as far as possible with maximum effort.


Registration: the distance covered in 40 seconds with an accuracy of 1 (one) meter is determined .

8.     Test 4 x 10 Meters



Objective : To determine the Agility and speed.


Material: Soccer Field and Track Athletics 1 Evaluator, 1 Timer, Dial starting line and finish line.


Administration: a running track or football field, delineated at a distance of 10 meters is used. The evaluator, starts to test the voice “and” activating the timer. The performer must cover the distance of 10 meters 4 times will range between two dashed lines, being valid when the performer mark with his foot on the line every arrival.


Registration: The time taken to travel the distance from the starting signal until crossing the finish line is recorded in seconds and tenths of seconds.


    According to the study carried out to determine the conditional physical skills required in the young Football 15 to 18 years and then make batteries indirect test that they were taking to assess these capabilities, approved developing a battery that respond to the specific physical dimensions for young Football.

    This allows us to conclude that:


  • Basically the physical dimensions in football are the coordination, speed, flexibility, muscular strength, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance (alactic-lactic)

  • There is a variety of batteries both in Chile and in other countries that do not always measure the physical qualities that arise in young soccer.

  • In Chile there are few prepared with scientific rigor to allow physical assessment to evaluate the physical dimensions that arise in young soccer batteries.

  • That based on the above it is concluded in a shaped by valid, reliable and objective tests that allow us to evaluate the physical dimensions that develop in young players presented a methodology for easy development, non-invasive indirect test, inexpensive battery and simple performing by the performer and controlled by the trainer.

  • That according to the organization of such tests is necessary to advance in a linear study applying the test; and verify their specificity.

  • Established that these tests can be delivered other evaluations or measurements that complement this study.



The best football movies

We are already full at Christmas. At this time in which one has more time to practice your hobbies or spend on something else, from  movie2k  make a Top10 of the best movies – in our view – football for this Christmas enjoy some of the movies that have this wonderful sport as the main protagonist. For movie lovers and lovers of football, here you are some of the best films. The ranking goes from the post 10 to which we think is the best movie – or at least the one that we liked.

10 – The Longest Yard (The Longest Yard)

We started with a slightly loose film but just entertaining and sacándote a smile. Adam Sandler is a successful QB is with the back of having to enter the prison. There should form a football team to face the team of guards. Sandler just forming equipment and training him, with all kinds of people and all kinds of bad records. One way to spend a Sunday afternoon and laugh a little.

9 – Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is an agent of athletes who sees his life changes when he begins to rethink things and money. You need to change the way they work and where, and his only client is a second player (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who will always ask more and more difficult to meet their needs. One way to see a side of sport in general and football in particular and otherwise agent side.

8 – The Express

Another film that tells a true story. Again a story with racial integration as one of the topics. This is the story of Ernie Davis, the first black player to win the Heismann Trophy  after a spectacular season as a running back to the orders of his coach, Dennis Quaid. The player at the University of Syracuse dazzled an entire country to end earning the respect of all despite the color of their skin and winning two titles with the University consecutively. We have before us again a story of overcoming, something very common in football, where everyone wants to get to the top.

7 – The Replacements (The Replacements)

The team of the  Washington  Sentinels suffers terrible news. A lock out. After that the team needs to ‘call’ amateur players to deal with the remaining games they post season. Keanu Reeves is one of those players who always dreamed of playing at the highest level and do not plan to miss this opportunity that has given the coach who must perform this hard work is Gene Hackman, who has a confrontation with the players who go to strike.

6 – Friday Night Lights

Film based on the novel by HG Bissinger, Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team and a Dream. It has also been adapted as a series. Is the story of a football team seeking state victory. This is the Permian High Panthers of Odessa, Texas where football is almost a way of life. Billy Bob Thornton is embodied in the role of team coach, but always under the eye of critics but will try to lead the disunited team to win the title.

5 – Rudy, a challenge to glory

Surely the 70s was a decade that has inspired films for football. Rudy is a young man (Sean Astin – Sam Lord of the Rings) who dreams of going to the University of Notre Dame and no one has ever believed in him, but his dream is to play football under all things. Again a story of overcoming and winning to get your dreams. Really touching and motivation. Rudy gets to  Notre Dame , and not abandon their dreams despite not having an athletic scholarship.

4 – Invincible (Invincible)

A film more than has been inspired by a real event, and again in the 70s This time is a boy Philadephia  (Mark Wahlberg) who does not lose the dream of playing in the NFL despite his age. The city team, the Eagles, in order to change the image of the team and reap victories makes a test to those who sign up to join the team. There goes Vince Papale (Wahlberg). Cause feel and comes on the computer. Although you must suffer many rookies and bad behaviors of their peers get making its wayinto the team. Once again a story of overcoming in which it is shown that if you want something with strength and determination can get to get it .

3 – Are Marshall (We Are Marshall)

Again a film based on real events and in 1970. This time set in the  College Football . Marshall University in Virginia, and his football team enjoyed great fame game until tragically whole team died in a plane crash. Jack Lengyel Coach (Matthew McConaughey) should take over the team of the University. And magnificent story of overcoming adversity binding to a university that came to star ingreat deeds. Amazing movie that makes you feel more Marshall.

2 – A typical Sunday (Any Given Sunday)

Al Pacino is embodied in a coach of football team the  Miami  Sharks. The film begins with the injury of veteran quarterback (Dennis Quaid). Tony D’Amato (Pacino) decides to take the field – it has no other option – the young and inexperienced Beamen (Jamie Foxx). This will worth many discussions with the owner (Cameron Diaz). Gradually D’Amato will influence the head of the young QB to be better and make the team, wearing an incredible losing streak, lift the head. This film gives one of the most famous speeches of motivation and often used film, starring Al Pacino. In my view , somewhat slow and sometimes boring, but fantastic story.

1 – Remember the Titans (Remember the Titans)

Magnificent film based on a true story and starring the great Denzel Washington. It is set in the State of Virginia in the 70 Moment in which the city and the country is in the process of integration of the black race. After the union of two schools (one white and one black) Herman Boone (Denzel) is called in to take over the team, divided by racism. Finally just amazing and forming a team capable of winning.Wonderful film that comes to thrill and makes you more love sport.

Lose weight playing soccer

Play a game of football with friends helps you burn more fat , and gain more body mass to go out and run , according to research by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

They studied 37 healthy subjects , between 31 and 33 years of age, who were divided into two groups: some played soccer and others ran for 12 weeks, for an hour, three times a week.

To measure your effort, they were placed monitors heart rate chest and samples of his were compared blood and muscle tissue , taken before and after each game of football or race . The study found that runners lost 2% fat, while the players lost 3.7%, ie almost twice as fat . In addition, in the corridors it was modified just their muscle mass , while the players football increased almost two kilos.


In addition, the investigation showed that footballers have more fun, get tired unless you only run, and think both the fatigue and sore muscles because they enjoy most about their activity.

Moreover, playing football is also beneficial for bones , because with the accelerations, decelerations, jumps and twists, building increases bone by the body of the players.

Play football since before puberty favors the content and mineral concentration of the bone and gives them a larger size, so your femur grows to 23%, and 10% in the lumbar area of the spine , according to another study by Dr. Jose Antonio Lopez Calbet, University of Las Palmas.

Therefore, take the Pastillas para bajar de peso or typical peel or play an amateur can help you lose weight and strengthen your muscles and bones .

The other SEO: what you will have to do the SEO with football?


A priori, nothing, but we will check that they will find some similarity.

On the one hand, imagine that we have a physical business like a restaurant or a shop, and we decided to try their luck in the online world by creating a website through which users can know, research products, online reservation in the case restaurant or buy in the case of the store. Another possibility is that we are a puree player , ie only dedicate ourselves to online commerce, as it was until now Amazon .

Well, whoever we are , what matters is to get benefits from the online store , ie, score many goals and win many games , and this is not easy and is not achieved only with a good player. This is achieved with much training and with the contribution of various components such as front, the goalkeeper, defenders, coach and a set of good and varied plays. If we now find ourselves in the online world, we know that  not only working much the SEO of our website get generate many conversions, which, in the case of the restaurant are the reserves, and in the case of stores will be sales. to ensure that our website reaches a sufficient benefit to offset the money invested, we need several players and pursue a strategy to complement these players, achieved score goals and win games.
The seo a good football player

And … who is who in this team?

A player who gets a lot of goals, ie a Cristiano Ronaldo in the online world is the  SEM: Traffic quality with cost per click, paid to Google every time a user searches for information, out our ad and click. It is a short – term strategy.

A player who helps a lot to those who score goals and he also brand, is the seo services brisbane: Quality traffic without cost per click , but here no one can guarantee results or positions, do not know when we will have results. It is a long – term strategy.

Influence that a good organic positioning of our site and good SEO of our website structure positively help our SEM, ie help the ads Google paid out the first retail cost, but not the reverse:  the fact to pay Google does not mean that’s going to improve our organic positioning.

And more players we consider to be our triumph:

–  Marketing of content : creation and distribution of quality content to attract and retain users in a defined audience.

– Marketing on social networks : gaining traffic to our website through social networks.

Without the support of all these players: SEO, SEM, content marketing and social networks  We will be very difficult to score a goal!

– See more at:

5 Best Movies about soccer

Most men are football fans, this is a phenomenon that occurs in almost everyone.If we see a rolling ball, no matter which party is concerned, we were smitten; as well as play football video games, read about football and, why not, we watched movies about this exciting sport.

In recent months much has been talking about maybe making a film about Lionel Messi and Pele has already confirmed that soon begin filming a movie about him, so thanks to the collaboration of xmovies8 we took the opportunity to review the top 5 films about football .

Soccer Days (2003)

With the leading role of Alberto San Juan, Ernesto Alterio, Natalia Verbeke and Maria Esteve, Football Days is a film director David Serrano that revolves around personal conflicts of a team of thirtysomething athletes, who will make the impossible to become in a local tournament champions. The tape had five nominations for the Goya awards .

The Longest Penalty Shot in the World (2005)

A peculiar Spanish film adaptation, directed by Roberto Santiago and starringFernando Tejero , who will play Fernando, a frustrated archer who must assume great responsibility to replace the goalkeeper by a team of third division.The film is an adaptation of the book of Osvaldo Soriano .

Skedaddle (2007)

We are possibly at the first football movie focused from the point of view of an umpire who in addition to suffering a deep depression, he will be forced to continue his life directing all kinds of parties and ignoring insults the audience.The film was directed by Alvaro Fernandez Armero .

British cinema gave us The Damned United , a drama inspired by real cases.Football has never been focused on the new concepts of Michael Sheen , who adds a different and original vision. In that sense, the black humor is the best ally for these films.

Offside (2012)

This is the latest football tape. Also starring actor Fernando Tejero and under the direction of David Marquis . In offside is a comedy co – produced between Argentina and Spain. History tells us the unfortunate events that happen in a football team. Hugo Silva, Diego Peretti and Patricia Montero also participate.

Have you seen any of these movies football ? What other movies about the sport you liked? Watch more movies you liked on putlocker.

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