WFC’s Twelve Days Of Christmas

WFC searched high and low for the perfect gift to send out to our readers for the coming holiday.  Unfortunately, Sepp Blatter’s gaze was locked on the Eastern Hemisphere, so we had to cancel our massive World Cup 2018 and 2022 commemorative T-shirt order.  Pepe Reina and Robert Green were unwilling to visit everyone’s house, to gift each of you an easy goal, and Carlos Tevez claimed he didn’t have the time to first switch out and then sign a sufficient amount of game-worn snoods during Man City matches.  Roy Keane thinks you’re all spoiled little softies and don’t deserve anything to begin with.

So, unfortunately the best we can do is wind up the way-back machine and review the best and worst of 2010 in world football.  In keeping with the festive mood of the season, we thought we’d put it all together in a series of twelve articles, each patterned on one of the gifts in our own slightly altered version of the famous holiday carol.

Beginning on Sunday 12th December, look for one post per day through Thursday the 23rd, each of them our gift to you:

On the First Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… A Whistle Happy Referee – A look back at some of the puzzling, mystifying and completely outlandish calls made by the men in black.

On the Second Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Two Keeper’s Gloves — We’ve already mentioned Pepe Reina and Robert Green but there have been some other incredible howlers from those guarding the posts, this year.

On the Third Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Three French Men – How could any review of 2010 overlook the spectacular implosion of Raymond Domenech and Les Bleus?

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Four Failing Clubs – Finance has come to the fore of football as never before with the administration of Premier League club Portsmouth, the dramatic last-minute exit of Hicks and Gillett at Liverpool, the disqualification of Real Mallorca from European competition and the mind-boggling second administration for Dundee.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Five Golden Goooooaaaaallllls!! – and believe us, picking out five from the amazing array on offer was not an easy task!

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Six Meals-a-Making – Call it diving, embellishing, assisting the referee, milking the play, it doesn’t matter.  Here are some classic examples of play-acting so dramatic and expressive that Quentin Tarantino is rumoured to be basing his next film on them.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Seven Studs-a-Stomping – Nigel De Jong leads a merry band of holiday ninja/elves who always put both feet forward.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Eight Landon’s Leading – Certainly, American Landon Donovan left his impression on the footballing world, in 2010, but he was not alone.  The US captain was joined by the likes of Diego Forlan, Thomas Müller and  five other stellar field lieutenants.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Nine Wags Enchanting – It was even more difficult to settle on the loveliest nine ladies gracing the arms of top footballers than it was to select the five best goals scored by them.  We certainly spent much more time deliberating over these candidates!

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Ten Matches Amazing – A countdown of the most engaging and epic matches to take place in 2010.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Eleven Gaffers Griping – What collection of memories would be complete without looking back on some of the most indignant managers and their hilarious rants?

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me… Twelve Pundits Punting – A look back at the best and worst voices of the game over the World Cup year.

As each day passes, another link will open for that day’s gift. So, if you can’t wait for Christmas morning, you’ll have a new present to open every day during the fortnight leading up to Santa’s arrival. Or, if you pride yourself on your will-power (show-off!), holding out ’til the Special Day will give you something to do while waiting for the rest of the clan to drag themselves downstairs.

Whether you prefer it Merry or Happy, though, we hope you enjoy your Christmas (or Hanukkah) (or Kwanzaa) completely and safely.


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