The best football movies

We are already full at Christmas. At this time in which one has more time to practice your hobbies or spend on something else, from  movie2k  make a Top10 of the best movies – in our view – football for this Christmas enjoy some of the movies that have this wonderful sport as the main protagonist. For movie lovers and lovers of football, here you are some of the best films. The ranking goes from the post 10 to which we think is the best movie – or at least the one that we liked.

10 – The Longest Yard (The Longest Yard)

We started with a slightly loose film but just entertaining and sacándote a smile. Adam Sandler is a successful QB is with the back of having to enter the prison. There should form a football team to face the team of guards. Sandler just forming equipment and training him, with all kinds of people and all kinds of bad records. One way to spend a Sunday afternoon and laugh a little.

9 – Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is an agent of athletes who sees his life changes when he begins to rethink things and money. You need to change the way they work and where, and his only client is a second player (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who will always ask more and more difficult to meet their needs. One way to see a side of sport in general and football in particular and otherwise agent side.

8 – The Express

Another film that tells a true story. Again a story with racial integration as one of the topics. This is the story of Ernie Davis, the first black player to win the Heismann Trophy  after a spectacular season as a running back to the orders of his coach, Dennis Quaid. The player at the University of Syracuse dazzled an entire country to end earning the respect of all despite the color of their skin and winning two titles with the University consecutively. We have before us again a story of overcoming, something very common in football, where everyone wants to get to the top.

7 – The Replacements (The Replacements)

The team of the  Washington  Sentinels suffers terrible news. A lock out. After that the team needs to ‘call’ amateur players to deal with the remaining games they post season. Keanu Reeves is one of those players who always dreamed of playing at the highest level and do not plan to miss this opportunity that has given the coach who must perform this hard work is Gene Hackman, who has a confrontation with the players who go to strike.

6 – Friday Night Lights

Film based on the novel by HG Bissinger, Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team and a Dream. It has also been adapted as a series. Is the story of a football team seeking state victory. This is the Permian High Panthers of Odessa, Texas where football is almost a way of life. Billy Bob Thornton is embodied in the role of team coach, but always under the eye of critics but will try to lead the disunited team to win the title.

5 – Rudy, a challenge to glory

Surely the 70s was a decade that has inspired films for football. Rudy is a young man (Sean Astin – Sam Lord of the Rings) who dreams of going to the University of Notre Dame and no one has ever believed in him, but his dream is to play football under all things. Again a story of overcoming and winning to get your dreams. Really touching and motivation. Rudy gets to  Notre Dame , and not abandon their dreams despite not having an athletic scholarship.

4 – Invincible (Invincible)

A film more than has been inspired by a real event, and again in the 70s This time is a boy Philadephia  (Mark Wahlberg) who does not lose the dream of playing in the NFL despite his age. The city team, the Eagles, in order to change the image of the team and reap victories makes a test to those who sign up to join the team. There goes Vince Papale (Wahlberg). Cause feel and comes on the computer. Although you must suffer many rookies and bad behaviors of their peers get making its wayinto the team. Once again a story of overcoming in which it is shown that if you want something with strength and determination can get to get it .

3 – Are Marshall (We Are Marshall)

Again a film based on real events and in 1970. This time set in the  College Football . Marshall University in Virginia, and his football team enjoyed great fame game until tragically whole team died in a plane crash. Jack Lengyel Coach (Matthew McConaughey) should take over the team of the University. And magnificent story of overcoming adversity binding to a university that came to star ingreat deeds. Amazing movie that makes you feel more Marshall.

2 – A typical Sunday (Any Given Sunday)

Al Pacino is embodied in a coach of football team the  Miami  Sharks. The film begins with the injury of veteran quarterback (Dennis Quaid). Tony D’Amato (Pacino) decides to take the field – it has no other option – the young and inexperienced Beamen (Jamie Foxx). This will worth many discussions with the owner (Cameron Diaz). Gradually D’Amato will influence the head of the young QB to be better and make the team, wearing an incredible losing streak, lift the head. This film gives one of the most famous speeches of motivation and often used film, starring Al Pacino. In my view , somewhat slow and sometimes boring, but fantastic story.

1 – Remember the Titans (Remember the Titans)

Magnificent film based on a true story and starring the great Denzel Washington. It is set in the State of Virginia in the 70 Moment in which the city and the country is in the process of integration of the black race. After the union of two schools (one white and one black) Herman Boone (Denzel) is called in to take over the team, divided by racism. Finally just amazing and forming a team capable of winning.Wonderful film that comes to thrill and makes you more love sport.