That’s business Barca footballers

A large sector of blaugrana costume is outside the world of football business interests. His tastes, personalities and inclinations are reflected in the formula they have chosen to invest a portion of their savings


These are businesses Messi, Neymar, Alves, Iniesta, and Pique Rakitic


Leo Messi bets on the housing market

Argentine Leo Messi is firmly committed to the real estate market since debuting in the business world. Apart from the company Jendil Di, which deals with the exploitation of its many advertising contracts and their image rights, the Blaugrana crack has invested heavily in construction, both in Spain and in his native Rosario.

Your company Limecu 2010 SA is dedicated to the purchase, lease and sale of land and housing. He began fogueándose on the subject with a registered capital of only 3,000 euros, although it has slowly grown and experience has allowed him to make the leap to Argentina. In his day he invested in the exclusive Aqualina tower, an impressive building 125 meters high and 40 floors of apartments -Several your property- located in the center of Rosario and was inaugurated in 2009.

Messi has also invested in a Azahares del Paraná residential complex in Fighiera the banks of the Parana River. This is an exclusive development of 80 hectares which is currently under construction, although it is expected that the first homes will start to be delivered throughout this year.

The exclusive villas, located on plots of 650 to 1200 square meters, have a privileged environment, surrounded by nature. It is planned that the complex also count on a marina with moorings for sixty boats, tennis courts, sports courts, swimming pool, spa, various fields of football great and small. The complex is valued at 20 million euros in total.

Most of its revenue outside the football come from the agreements it has signed with various sponsors, which guarantee nearly twenty million euros annually. Its main sponsors are the German company Adidas, which is its main standard in the world of football, as well as Pepsi, Gillette, Electronic Arts, Turkish Airlines, Scalp-D and Samsung. It is also the image of a wine brand, Leo, which produces a winery Argentina after reaching an agreement with the Foundation.

Neymar, skilful in business management

Since I was 18, the Brazilian Neymar is the spearhead of a powerful business group, NR Sports, led by his father who is dedicated mainly to manage its many advertising contracts. The company has diversified and intends to use the experience gained in the gesión Blaugrana to make it available to other athletes or artists.

NN NN Administration and Consulting, the two branches of NR Sports, billed each year about 30 million euros and are managed by twenty professionals working full time, plus a similar number of collaborators. His priority until now was protect the image of the front and manage the many commercial offers received, although through NN Consultoria, now also advises athletes such as surfer Marina Werneck, the promising young Santos Arthur Gomes, the popular Brazilian singer Alexandre Pires, the DJ Thascya and Raffaela, the sister of the player, a star in his country on social networks.

Neymar is the athlete’s asked in an emerging market like Brazil, which has allowed his company would grow quickly and continued in a few years.

Pique invests in video games and burgers

Catalan Gerard Pique is undoubtedly the most daring when investing their assets, as both bet by new technologies such as food. The center founded in November 2011 a company of online games, Kerad Games, which has already invested almost two million euros, confirming their involvement.

Pique also acquired in its day a 27 percent in a Catalan meat company, Bas Alimentària, based in the Vall d’en Bas and dedicated to the production and marketing of burgers made with beef without additives under the brand Natrus, which are sold through networks Caprabo and Carrefour.

Kerad Games, meanwhile, employs thirty people and has developed and marketed its first game, Golden Manager, a simulator where the goal is to create and run a football club. The company is located in Sant Joan Despi and in its first two years of operation has entered around 400.00 euros in total. Pique is the majority shareholder -has about 80% of the share capital and the company also involved in some family and friends. In its day, the Blaugrana also created a real estate company and SICAV.

Rakitic opened a bar in Seville

Croatian Ivan Rakitic came into contact with the business world during his time at Sevilla.In early 2013 he opened a restaurant / café in the neighborhood of Los Bermejales, with his wife, Raquel Mauri, her sister and brother. The business was not bad, but its proximity to the Benito Villamarin he created more problems than expected. The Rakitic himself later explained: “I had to close the bar because it was near the stadium of Betis and had problems with its fans, but will soon open another in the center of the city.”

‘DINAIN Tapas & Copas’ was the name of the restaurant, which argued for caps and popular prices. Located on Avenida Finland, opened from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon to midnight. It was opened several months, but finally surrendered to the siege suffered by diabetics ultras. His move to Barca prevented could remove the thorn opening a new facility, as planned. Perhaps later have a chance to do in Barcelona.

Dani Alves in the world of gastronomy

Brazilian Dani Alves is another blaugrana who devotes much of his free time to the business world. Where appropriate, over recent years it has invested in the fashion industry, in catering and in the housing market. The curious thing about the case is that it has left to his ex-wife, Dinorah Santa Ana, management of the five companies that have registered office in Barcelona, and the address of his football career, as since 2013 also serves as its representative.

In addition to a fashion store, DM3, located at Pau Casals Barcelona -enfrente is kidswear shop the woman who runs compatriot Adriano-, Alves has now focused on the business that opened last year with businesswoman Teresa Martí and Brazilian chef Joao Alcantara. It is Alchemy Fogo, whose novel proposal is a home service restaurant that includes the presence of a chef and menus that fuse Brazilian cuisine with Mediterranean, restaurant ordering system and cooking workshops. The blaugrana side Joao Alcantara met through former teammate Maxwell. Another of his companies is Cedro Esport SL, which is responsible for managing their image rights.

Iniesta has turned in his cellar

Andres Iniesta is a man too busy business concerned. The girl of your eyes is the winery that settled in his hometown of Fuentealbilla, continuing the idea promoted by his father in the nineties after acquiring an area of ten hectares and planted vineyards. The project grew thanks to the efforts of the blaugrana and has ended up becoming a business that employs about twenty people, it occupies 120 hectares and produces wine from Bodegas Iniesta 2010.

With indigenous and international varieties, Iniesta claims to be a very tied to their land wine producer. Not content with this commitment, in 2013 he expanded the business and decided to produce oil. Your brand is Crazy Heart Oil, an extra virgin Arbequina oil.

The midfielder is also manager of the company Maresyterey SL, located in Sant Feliu de Llobregat and dedicated to such diverse activities as managing their image rights and agriculture, forestry and livestock farm land.
The last vertex of its business is the company that has Fuentealbilla dedicated to the construction, renovation, rehabilitation and promotion of land and buildings of all kinds.