Man United Show Arsenal How To Win A Title

Arsenal dropped another match to Stoke on Sunday, while Manchester United continued to grind out results, no matter who challenged them on the day. The differing responses to the fallout from a big match highlight why one is struggling to translate their talent into titles and the other is on the brink of becoming the most feted club in the history of the English top flight.

Man United 0 – 1 Man City: Where’s Howard Webb When Fergie Really Needs Him?

Manchester City have finally earned the key to the Premier League’s executive loo, with a 1-0 victory over United at Wembley in the FA Cup semi-final. But while it may be the beginning of great things for City, it’s by no means the end of the road for United.

FA Cup: Man City & United Have The Spotlight But Stoke & Bolton May Offer More Punch

Did you think we forgot the FA Cup semi-finals when we posted the Weekend Catch? Hardly. They deserve a spotlight to themselves!

Man United and Barcelona: Which Is Artist & Which Artisan?

Since when did rigid form and functionality become the ultimate in artistic expression?

Man United Keep Fighting The FA & The FA Keep Winning

Dale O’Donnell wonders if it’s right for the FA to hold Manchester United to a higher standard than the rest of the Premier League.

Man United Thrive On The Edge While Chelsea Placidly Live In Denial

Chelsea are spending far too much energy pretending that their problems don’t exist. Meanwhile the side that just put them behind the eight ball in the Champions League, Manchester United, are less concerned with appearances than with winning.

How HG Wells Explains Wayne Rooney

While Sir Alex Ferguson was forced to watch from the cheap seats, he undoubtedly enjoyed what he saw in the second half of Manchester United’s Premier League match against West Ham. Wayne Rooney hit a treble in less than a quarter-hour to bring United roaring back to victory from a 2-0 deficit. It was almost as though we had all gone backwards in time.

England v Wales – Capello Forgets Rooney Has A Temper, Rooney Forgets He’s Already On A Yellow

Roger Domeneghetti tactfully avoids suggesting it is past time that Fabio Capello improved his English.

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