Ligue 1 Channel Surfing: Sunderland Asks Sessegnon, Bon Ou Non?

<Click> So many thoughts hurtled through my tiny brain on Monday, that I’m still reeling. I’d be lying to say that the whole Fernando  Torres/Andy Carroll deal wasn’t the craziest and most enthralling piece of football business I’ve seen in a while.  Carroll worth more than David Villa?  Seriously? With the economic climate as it … Read more

The Premier League and UEFA Top Ten Transfer Window Movers & Shakers

Two mornings, a month apart every year, have something in common.  On 1 January, the morning after New Year’s Eve, and on 1 February, the day after the winter transfer window closes, football fans wake up, shake their heads in disbelief and ask themselves wtf happened the night before? On New Year’s Eve, all sorts … Read more

The Weekend Catch For 22-23 January, 2011

If you don’t think there’s much good footy to watch this weekend, well crank up the TiVo and fasten your seatbelt because we’ve got more than you can handle.  No less than seven WFC writers have selected 16 club matches from across the globe.  There has to be something in there to tickle your fancy. … Read more

Channel Surfing: Ligue 1 Settles, An M&M Coupe De League Final and Eric Cantona Takes A Bite Out Of The Big Apple.

<Click> Bonjour! Normal service has been resumed in Ligue 1, with a full roster of Ligue 1 games at the weekend. 52 goals and 9 red cards made for a great watch. There have also been some midweek games, both in Ligue 1 and the Coupe de la Ligue (League Cup). <click> Ligue 1 Round-up … Read more

Weekend Catch: 15-16 January, 2011 — Spurs and Liverpool Out For Revenge

After a hectic fortnight of Premier League fixtures, it’s a relief to get back to the more pastoral pace of global football.  This Week’s Catch features matches from all over Europe and Australia, as well as the UK, with the best being brought to you by some familiar faces and some new ones, as well. … Read more

FA Cup 3rd Round: Beanstalks Climbed, Golden Geese Pilfered

Written by Martin Palazzotto, Tapesh Patel and Eliot Rothwell As everyone knows, anticipates and celebrates, the FA Cup is English football’s opportunity for David to meet Goliath, Jack to slay his giant and the underdog to have his day.  We all like to see the little guy come out on top, to stick it to … Read more

The Weekend Catch, 8-9 January 2011: FA Cup 3rd Round Leads The Way, La Liga and Serie A Finish A Great Slate Of Matches

Written by Martin Palazzotto, Eliot Rothwell, Tapesh Patel, Andrew Gibney, Fab Presilli & Tom Pollock. It’s a cup weekend in England, Scotland and France.  Fans in all three countries will be holding their betting tickets and hoping a lowly club can play David and slay a Goliath.  There are any number of matches which offer … Read more

Holiday Fixtures Report Card: Man United Refuse To Lose, City Fear To And Chelsea & Liverpool Can’t Help But

Ten Days.  Four Premier League matches.  A short stretch of time in the middle of the season, yet so much hanging in the balance.  It’s a run of games which can make or break your season, changing it for the better, destroying every good result which came before or, in its ambiguity, locking you into … Read more

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