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Blues Beat: Chelsea Seek To Avoid Another Early Winter Frost

Chelsea are approaching their annual bump in the road, and the trip thus far hasn’t exactly been smooth. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: A Punter’s Liverpool XI

Andrew Beasley puts himself forward for Kenny Dalglish’s job. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Cross Roy Hodgson Off Liverpool’s To-Do List

If the Premier League was the Princess Bride, Liverpool would be Inigo Montoya and Roy Hodgson would have six fingers on his left hand. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Liverpool Plays Even Steven To Level Devils

Until any evidence emerges beyond he said, he said, Andrew Beasley believes that the match deserves more attention than the banter, in the East Lancs Derby. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Liverpool Say “Conspiracy, What Conspiracy?”

The Reds benefitted from a questionable decision from Martin Atkinson, which, in one fell swoop, oiffset all the bad calls in the opening weeks of the campaign. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Liverpool Back On Track

After jumping out to an early lead and then holding Wolves at bay, Liverpool are once again in the frame to return to Europe Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Real Liverpool Concerns For Kenny Dalglish To Address

Was Kenny Dalglish serious about his persecution complex or merely deflecting attention away from some holes in the squad? Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Liverpool Stewing Over Downing & Stevie G

Steven Gerrard is on the mend and Stewart Downing is on a tear. Will the two soon prove mutually exclusive? Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Does Steven Gerrard Need Liverpool More Than They Need Him?

Andrew Beasley realises that time waits for no Liverpudlian. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Why Aren’t Liverpool Fans Asking Where’s Alberto?

It’s not easy, but Liverpool has made£20 million disappear. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Steven Gerrard’s Injuries And Charlie Adam’s Signing

With Steven Gerrard now unavailable for Liverpool’s pre-season Asian Tour, apparently due to injury, does Charlie Adam become a more important signing for the club? New Scouser Report correspondent, Daniel Doran, has the answer. Continue reading »

John Henry’s Liverpool Dilemma: The Pride Of The Kop

John Henry has thus far proved to be an ideal owner for Liverpool FC. He has pulled the club from the brink, financed some impressive purchases and given the Kop their dream manager. Now, Reds supporters are queuing up with requests for players to be acquired in the summer transfer window. However, as the man writing the cheques, maybe John Henry deserves to get something he’d like in exchange. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – The Honeymoon Is Over For The New, Improved Liverpool

The emotional surge which has produced good results and strong play since Kenny Dalglish assumed command has suddenly gone missing, revealing that the club still has work to do. Matt Dalton offers his advice on what still needs doing and provides a shopping list for King Kenny’s summer spree. Continue reading »

Undercurrents: Liverpool FC Nipped In The Bud?

Steven Gerrard’s alma mater no longer believes it’s students should have any balls. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Rafa’s Underappreciated Liverpool Legacy

Rafa Benitez has borne much of the criticism for Liverpool’s fall-off after their second place finish and many have pointed to his abbreviated stay at Inter as further proof of his shortcomings. It turns out, though, that he may have done a few things better than anyone is willing to admit. Continue reading »

Over A Pint: Taking Sides On England v Denmark

Written by Roger Domeneghetti & Kristian Anker-Moeller, with an introduction from Martin Palazzotto. Have you ever been hit by an idea that seemed so great, at the time, that you couldn’t tell the difference between the dazzling light of euphoria and a bomb going off in your face?  That happened to me yesterday.  I was … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Are Liverpool & The Champions League Getting Back Together?

Nicolas Anelka, Didier Drogba, Fernando Torres and £85m combined in fees make for quite a daunting prospect, as the media has tripped all over itself to point out for the past 6 days. However, once the late kick-off was finally underway at Stamford Bridge, that proved not to be the case.  The Chelsea strike-force, despite … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Fernando Torres Broke My Heart

I woke up this morning to a bad hangover and a broken heart. The hangover was all my fault, of course, but the broken heart – and I never thought I would say this – was down to a man. The developments over the last forty-eight hours concerning Fernando Torres have been nothing short of … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Kenny’s Back, But Liverpool’s Miracle May Have To Wait

If you believed the return of King Kenny heralded an immediate about-face in Liverpool’s fortunes, the early returns must be testing your faith.  Of the two matches over which Dalglish has presided, there is no question that the performance at Old Trafford was of a markedly higher standard than the visit to Bloomfield Road in … Continue reading »

FA Cup 3rd Round: Beanstalks Climbed, Golden Geese Pilfered

Written by Martin Palazzotto, Tapesh Patel and Eliot Rothwell As everyone knows, anticipates and celebrates, the FA Cup is English football’s opportunity for David to meet Goliath, Jack to slay his giant and the underdog to have his day.  We all like to see the little guy come out on top, to stick it to … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Manchester United vs Liverpool

Manchester United at Old Trafford, especially in the Third Round of the FA Cup, was always going to be a big ask, considering the level of performance that has been witnessed away from Anfield this season. And so, it was perhaps a shrewd time to have Roy Hodgson make way for the return of Kenny … Continue reading »

The Weekend Catch, 8-9 January 2011: FA Cup 3rd Round Leads The Way, La Liga and Serie A Finish A Great Slate Of Matches

Written by Martin Palazzotto, Eliot Rothwell, Tapesh Patel, Andrew Gibney, Fab Presilli & Tom Pollock. It’s a cup weekend in England, Scotland and France.  Fans in all three countries will be holding their betting tickets and hoping a lowly club can play David and slay a Goliath.  There are any number of matches which offer … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Hodgson. Out. Now.

If there was ever any doubt that Roy Hodgson is the wrong man for the job at Anfield, it must surely have gone right out of the window, now. For the vast proportion of Reds fans, this is, quite simply, the worst football that has ever come out of the Red half of Merseyside. Coming … Continue reading »

Holiday Fixtures Diary, Wednesday: Premier League Fireworks In The Final Fixtures!

It’s a well-known tradition that every great spectacle ends with fireworks and the holiday fixtures have been no different, with spectacular score lines and stunning results that have again dramatically shifted the Premier League table.  Chelsea have lost again, to bottom side Wolves.  Liverpool have shown that they cannot put together a consistent run under … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Hodgson’s Liverpool Finally Show Some Fight

As surely as day follows night, not only a good performance but a victory followed my latest rant against Roy Hodgson and Liverpool’s current situation. So, it’s with trepidation that I venture anything in a positive light, for fear of invoking a similarly opposite reaction on Wednesday at Ewood Park.  I wouldn’t want to be … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Mashing on Spurs, Steaua, Hodgson & Liverpool Fans

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. That pretty much sums up Roy Hodgson’s current status with Liverpool fans.  For months, the Kop has pleaded for more open, attacking football from their manager. Against Spurs at the weekend, that is just what they got and we were treated to one of the … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Tottenham vs Liverpool

Whilst looking through the league table, earlier this week, it struck me that Liverpool currently have the exact opposite record at Anfield as they do away from home. Unsurprisingly, they are the only team in the top flight of English football that can boast such an ‘accolade.’  The Reds have been, quite possibly, the least … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Another False Dawn for Liverpool

International friendlies; what exactly is the point? Oh yes, money. How silly of me! I am quite sure it has not escaped your attention, unless of course you’re a deaf, blind and mute or Tom Hicks (but I repeat myself), that Anfield’s favourite son has returned from international duty crocked. Personally, I hate international friendlies. … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Liverpool vs Chelsea

Just a couple of weeks ago, Roy Hodgson and his Liverpool side were very much in ‘must win’ territory. After a disastrous start, poor results against Bolton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers would have left the Reds in an extremely precarious position going into the match this weekend against Chelsea. Thankfully, Liverpool have chalked up three … Continue reading »

European Lights: 2-4 November, 2010

Filippo Inzaghi only scored a brace but broke a hattrick of milestones; Andre-Pierre Gignac netted a proper hattrick but found his feats matched by Bayern Munich’s Mario Gomez (yes, that Mario Gomez)  and Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard. Marseille hit seven, Bayern, Chelsea and Real and Milan together all hit four while suddenly woeful Man City were … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Liverpool vs Blackburn

Matty Dalton frets about the state of his beloved club but finds some hope, in the numbers, for Sunday’s match against Blackburn. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report — Napoli vs Liverpool

With Roy Hodgson seemingly teetering closer and closer to the trap door at Anfield, it may come as some surprise to hear that he has decided to leave club icons Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard at home, along with Raul Meireles, for the Europa League showdown with Napoli, on Thursday evening.  Instead, Hodgson is looking … Continue reading »

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