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Do Man United Need To Take A Step Back To Move Forward?

Is Harry Sherlock crazy? Maybe, but his harebrained idea just might work. Continue reading »

Sir Alex Ferguson: Dynastic Is An Understatement

Harry Sherlock pays tribute to the only Manchester United manager he’s ever known. Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because Old Dogs & Englishmen Still Do Tricks

A jolt of footy caffeine to jump-start your week! Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because Ade Is Light On His Feet

Pouring you a double shot of fully caffeinated footy, to start off your week! Continue reading »

Anatomy Of A Football Fan: The Many Species Of Homo Supportus

The WFC writers get together to discuss, through self-examination, the different types of fans which exist in the modern game. Continue reading »

Blues Beat: Chelsea Endure a Tough Start At The Britannica

Simeon Thomas-Wilson reckons Clint Eastwood should have managed Chelsea at the Brittanica. The match had a bit of it all; the good, the bad and the ugly. Continue reading »

WFC’s 2011 UEFA Yearbook: Most Memorable Moments

The first instalment in our 10 piece review of the European season. Continue reading »

European Lights – After the Opening Legs Of The CL & EL Quarters, UEFA Sends Out An Urgent Call For Fat Ladies Who Can Carry A Tune

Andrew Gibney looks back at the carnage from the quarter-final round opening legs in both the Champions and Europa Leagues. Continue reading »

Real Madrid v Spurs – Redknapp Says With Friends Like Jose, I Think I Need An Enema

In the build-up to the first leg of their Champions League tie in Madrid, Jose Mourinho laid the sugar on so thick regarding his respect for his friend, Harry Redknapp, that diabetic football fans around the world were reaching for their syringes. Then, on Tuesday night, the sweet nothings whispered in Harry’s ear abruptly turned sour. Continue reading »

Ligue 1 Channel Surfing: Spurs’ Benoit Assou-Ekotto, An Honest Mercenary

Tapesh Patel wishes that everyone would just face facts, accept that players are in it for the money and stop moaning about their heroes betraying the shirt. Continue reading »

Superstitious? Everton, Arsenal, Newcastle & Wigan (?) Lead Freakish Prem Goal Barrage

Do you believe in astrology or numerology?  While I’m not devoted to either ‘science’, they’re always interesting topics for conversation.  I was born on the twelfth day of the twelfth month, which is coincidence enough to perk my interest in numerical relationships.  As for the stars, I’m either a Cat or a Rabbit, dependent upon … Continue reading »

Man United: Tales Of The Almost Beatables

It’s the second half of the season and Man United has yet to be beaten.  Already, there has been some talk of whether they can match Arsene Wenger’s Invincibles.  They consensus is that they are not as talented as that side, although that may be debatable.  If anything, they certainly seem more resolute than that … Continue reading »

Holiday Fixtures Report Card: Man United Refuse To Lose, City Fear To And Chelsea & Liverpool Can’t Help But

Ten Days.  Four Premier League matches.  A short stretch of time in the middle of the season, yet so much hanging in the balance.  It’s a run of games which can make or break your season, changing it for the better, destroying every good result which came before or, in its ambiguity, locking you into … Continue reading »

Undercurrents: Roy Keane Says Snub The Snood

Roy Keane is unhappy. This, in itself, is nothing new. The 39 year-old Ipswich Town manager is filled with enough curmudgeonry to fuel a starting XI of grouchy old codgers twice his age. What has him harrumphing this time, however, is quite amusing. With record freezing temperatures and inches of the white stuff blanketing the … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Mashing on Spurs, Steaua, Hodgson & Liverpool Fans

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. That pretty much sums up Roy Hodgson’s current status with Liverpool fans.  For months, the Kop has pleaded for more open, attacking football from their manager. Against Spurs at the weekend, that is just what they got and we were treated to one of the … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Tottenham vs Liverpool

Whilst looking through the league table, earlier this week, it struck me that Liverpool currently have the exact opposite record at Anfield as they do away from home. Unsurprisingly, they are the only team in the top flight of English football that can boast such an ‘accolade.’  The Reds have been, quite possibly, the least … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Seems Like Old Times

It’s amazing just how quickly attention can shift. Just a week ago, the knives were out and so, seemingly, was Roy Hodgson. This week, however, there has hardly been a word on that front, with the Kop faithful seemingly appeased (for the time being) with the three points collected at Anfield last week against Blackburn … Continue reading »

Catch Them If You Can! 2-3 Oct. 2010

The best matches of the weekend and a look back at European Nights! Continue reading »

Catch Them If You Can! 18-19 Sept. 2010

The weekend is here! Long live the weekend! Continue reading »

UEFA Champions League 2010-11, Group Preview

It’s big, It’s huge, it’s absitively massive!! It’s the WFC UEFA Champions League Preview. Continue reading »

Plate Tectonics & The Premier League

Things may look the same on the surface but make no mistake, change is coming. Continue reading »

Catch Them if You Can — 11-12 Sept. 2010

Players are back with their clubs and after a domestic weekend it’ll be European nights! Continue reading »

Did You Catch It? — 28-29 Aug. 2010

The WFC gang review their picks, Ibra’s unhappiness, the Pardew/Saints breakup, the Bradley/Klinsmann decision, van Persie’s latest ailment and Neymar’s search for a proper tailor. And highlights, natch. Continue reading »

Catch Them If You Can! 28-29 Aug. 2010

The WFC Gang of Seven is in full force, pointing you in the right direction as you try to wade through the congested match fixtures, this weekend. Continue reading »

Lacking The Killer Instinct?

For some Premier League managers, the writing is already on the wall. Continue reading »

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Culture Schlock

Martin Palazzotto finds a diamond in the rough in Gordon Bartlett: Off The Bench, a down to earth account of twenty-five years in Non-League Management.

Culture Schlock

Martin Palazzotto reviews David Goldblatt's The Ball Is Round, a comprehensive history of the beautiful game.

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