The Scouser Report – The Honeymoon Is Over For The New, Improved Liverpool

The emotional surge which has produced good results and strong play since Kenny Dalglish assumed command has suddenly gone missing, revealing that the club still has work to do. Matt Dalton offers his advice on what still needs doing and provides a shopping list for King Kenny’s summer spree.

The Scouser Report – Rafa’s Underappreciated Liverpool Legacy

Rafa Benitez has borne much of the criticism for Liverpool’s fall-off after their second place finish and many have pointed to his abbreviated stay at Inter as further proof of his shortcomings. It turns out, though, that he may have done a few things better than anyone is willing to admit.

The Premier League and UEFA Top Ten Transfer Window Movers & Shakers

Two mornings, a month apart every year, have something in common.  On 1 January, the morning after New Year’s Eve, and on 1 February, the day after the winter transfer window closes, football fans wake up, shake their heads in disbelief and ask themselves wtf happened the night before? On New Year’s Eve, all sorts … Read more

Spaghetti Western Theatre: Inter Rolling, Genoa Stalling and Roma Splintering

The Good Last week, I nominated Udinese ahead of Inter Milan for mention in this section of SWT.  The Little Zebras continued their gallop up the table on Sunday, with a strong 4-2 victory at the Luigi Ferraris against Genoa.  Still, one good turn deserves another; now the Bianconeri will have to step aside for … Read more

The Scouser Report – Kenny’s Back, But Liverpool’s Miracle May Have To Wait

If you believed the return of King Kenny heralded an immediate about-face in Liverpool’s fortunes, the early returns must be testing your faith.  Of the two matches over which Dalglish has presided, there is no question that the performance at Old Trafford was of a markedly higher standard than the visit to Bloomfield Road in … Read more

Serie A 2010-11 Mid-Term Report

As La Liga parallels the SPL, with two dominant clubs head and shoulders above the rest, Serie A, at the moment, bears a remarkable similarity to the Premier League.  In England, there are three clubs sitting atop the mountain, with two more clubs battling for the fourth entry into the Champions League.  It’s virtually the … Read more

Spaghetti Western Theatre: Rafa Benitez’ Inter Dream Shot Down, AC Milan Court Cassano & Bari Court Disaster

The Good It’s finally official.  Inter have announced the sacking of Rafa Benitez.  While I am on the record as a critic of the Spaniard, labeling his sacking a good thing is by no means meant to be vindictive.  Rafa Benitez is an accomplished manager.  He won two domestic titles at Valencia, who happen to … Read more

The Scouser Report – Benitez Back To Liverpool?

In the latest Rafa Benitez saga, it would appear that Massimo Moratti has run out of patience with the Spaniard.  It’s not been officially announced yet, but Guillem Balague has put it into the public arena that Rafa’s compensation package is being sorted out and his tenure is already at an end, just six months … Read more

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