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The Scouser Report: Liverpool Crave Some Luck At The Cottage

Jay Spearing’s two-footed tackle shows how much the Reds will miss Lucas Leiva and Clint Dempsey continues to punish butter-fingered keepers.
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Do Man United Need To Take A Step Back To Move Forward?

Is Harry Sherlock crazy? Maybe, but his harebrained idea just might work. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Liverpool Show Up Their Rich Premier League Relatives

Liverpool break down the doors of the Billionaires’ Club. Continue reading »

Blues Beat: Liverpool And Leverkusen Defeats Mean That Chelsea Must Change The Guard

It’s shaping up to be another blue, blue Christmas at the Bridge. Continue reading »

Blues Beat: Chelsea Seek To Avoid Another Early Winter Frost

Chelsea are approaching their annual bump in the road, and the trip thus far hasn’t exactly been smooth. Continue reading »

Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & The MLS Cup: The Last Stand Of David Beckham?

For David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy, it may literally be now or never. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Liverpool Asks Where Tippi Hedren Is When You Need Her?

LFC have their feathers in a ruffle. Continue reading »

Life Sucks When You Realise Mike Ashley May Be Right

Is this one of those cases when three hundred thousand people are wrong? Continue reading »

Sir Alex Ferguson: Dynastic Is An Understatement

Harry Sherlock pays tribute to the only Manchester United manager he’s ever known. Continue reading »

Have UEFA’s Big Boys Decided To Spit In The Face Of Financial Fair Play?

Whatever happened to the new economic reality? Continue reading »

Culture Schlock: Soccer Men, By Simon Kuper

Andrew Beasley was impressed by Simon Kuper’s new book, Soccer Men: Profiles of the Rogues, Geniuses, and Neurotics Who Dominate the World’s Most Popular Sport. Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because Old Dogs & Englishmen Still Do Tricks

A jolt of footy caffeine to jump-start your week! Continue reading »

The Sunday Morning Hangover: Man United Discover That Nobody’s Perfect

What the hell happened in the Premier League yesterday? Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because Ade Is Light On His Feet

Pouring you a double shot of fully caffeinated footy, to start off your week! Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because Asamoah Is Gyan, Baby, Gyan

A cascading blast of footy caffeine to welcome you back from the international break! Continue reading »

Anatomy Of A Football Fan: The Many Species Of Homo Supportus

The WFC writers get together to discuss, through self-examination, the different types of fans which exist in the modern game. Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because The Premiership Is Only A Two Team League

A jolt of footy caffeine to get your week started. Continue reading »

Ballad Of A Disenchanted Premier League Fan

First Santa Claus, then Jedward, now the Premier League. Continue reading »

When Did Premier League Footballers Become Such Girls?

It’s the typical male chauvinist thinking. Only this time, it’s coming from a woman. Continue reading »

20/20 Vision: The WFC 2011-12 Premier League Preview

To save a few comments from disgruntled supporters, this is how much I don’t know about the Premier League. Continue reading »

Aston Villa Get Their Man And Wigan….?

Daniel Doran takes the road less traveled by praising Charles N’Zogbia and trashing Wigan Athletic. Continue reading »

WFC’s 2011 UEFA Yearbook: Player Most Likely To Win The Ballon d’Or Not Named Messi Or Ronaldo

The third in our ten-part series. Continue reading »

WFC’s 2011 UEFA Yearbook: Most Forgettable Moments

The second in our ten-part UEFA season review. Continue reading »

WFC’s 2011 UEFA Yearbook: Most Memorable Moments

The first instalment in our 10 piece review of the European season. Continue reading »

Ashley Young: A Move In The Right Direction For Manchester United

Dale O’Donnell speculates on rumours of Ashley Young coming to Old Trafford. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Liverpool Hope That The Lean Years Are Relatively Short

Liverpool’s season came to a less happy ending than it seemed it might a fortnight ago. Continue reading »

Blackburn, Wolves, Blackpool, Wigan & Birmingham: Anatomy Of A Relegation Battle

With West Ham already condemned and the five remaining candidates for Championship football all being clubs bearing the initial B or W, the Premier League relegation scrap was hardly spelled out in black and white. Perhaps the most important question arising from the four final day matches involving relegation threatened clubs in the Premier League is just what did the Venky’s people do or say to Steve Kean during his midweek trip to the Sub-Continent? Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch: Choice Matches For 21-22 May, 2011

Much like AH-nold and Maria, most of European football has entered the End Of Days. As the Devil is in the details, we’ll be featuring summaries, rather than individual matches for certain leagues. If that makes you unhappy, keep it to yourself or, when you go to sleep, Gabriel Byrne will be under your bed! Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Liverpool Let Up Against Spurs

And there will come a day, soon after the king reclaims his own, when the Sun is obscured by dark clouds. Yet, the cock shall crow twice and the reeve shall look away. On that day there will be grief and woe. The criers will wail and the faithful will gnash their teeth. — Prophecy from the Book of Woy Continue reading »

Man United Show Arsenal How To Win A Title

Arsenal dropped another match to Stoke on Sunday, while Manchester United continued to grind out results, no matter who challenged them on the day. The differing responses to the fallout from a big match highlight why one is struggling to translate their talent into titles and the other is on the brink of becoming the most feted club in the history of the English top flight. Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 7-8 May, 2011

Fair enough. This weekend sees Manchester United face off against Chelsea with the Premier League title at stake, the KNVB Beker and Paulista Cups being contested and AC MIlan on the verge of wrapping up their first Scudetto in eight years. So, why is there a picture of David Beckham and Thierry Henry on the cover of this article? Come on, isn’t it obvious? Henry in a full beard is major news! Continue reading »

Will Newcastle Be A Buying Club In The Summer Window?

Shaun Best sees looks into his pint glass and sees opportunity where Newcastle fans have been drowning their sorrows. Continue reading »

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Culture Schlock

Martin Palazzotto finds a diamond in the rough in Gordon Bartlett: Off The Bench, a down to earth account of twenty-five years in Non-League Management.

Culture Schlock

Martin Palazzotto reviews David Goldblatt's The Ball Is Round, a comprehensive history of the beautiful game.

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