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The Scouser Report: Liverpool Crave Some Luck At The Cottage

Jay Spearing’s two-footed tackle shows how much the Reds will miss Lucas Leiva and Clint Dempsey continues to punish butter-fingered keepers.
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The Scouser Report: Liverpool Show Up Their Rich Premier League Relatives

Liverpool break down the doors of the Billionaires’ Club. Continue reading »

Blues Beat: Chelsea Seek To Avoid Another Early Winter Frost

Chelsea are approaching their annual bump in the road, and the trip thus far hasn’t exactly been smooth. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: A Punter’s Liverpool XI

Andrew Beasley puts himself forward for Kenny Dalglish’s job. Continue reading »

Neymar: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Santos president Luis Alvaro Ribeiro may have shot himself in the foot in his joy over re-signing his young star, Neymar. Continue reading »

Blues Beat: Chelsea Take Baby Steps Ahead Of The International Break

With the poor results and poorer press, Chelsea have been kicked around more than a ball in a Spanish friendly. Andre Villas-Boas will look for his side to regroup during the break and return to do a little kicking of their own. Continue reading »

Lazio’s Eagles Dare Dream Again

Key players have departed but Rome’s ‘other’ club has retooled in a big way, to again set the early pace in Lega Calcio. Continue reading »

Life Isn’t Getting Easier For The Albiceleste

At Wembley, the Spanish lineup demonstrated that Barcelona is not the same club without Lionel Messi. Yet, even with him as captain, the same can be said of the Argentian national team. In his debut article for WFC, Javier Perez suggests that the blame lays elsewhere. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Liverpool Asks Where Tippi Hedren Is When You Need Her?

LFC have their feathers in a ruffle. Continue reading »

Life Sucks When You Realise Mike Ashley May Be Right

Is this one of those cases when three hundred thousand people are wrong? Continue reading »

Sir Alex Ferguson: Dynastic Is An Understatement

Harry Sherlock pays tribute to the only Manchester United manager he’s ever known. Continue reading »

The Scouser Report: Cross Roy Hodgson Off Liverpool’s To-Do List

If the Premier League was the Princess Bride, Liverpool would be Inigo Montoya and Roy Hodgson would have six fingers on his left hand. Continue reading »

Have UEFA’s Big Boys Decided To Spit In The Face Of Financial Fair Play?

Whatever happened to the new economic reality? Continue reading »

Liver-who? Manchester City Are Finally The Derby Rival United Have Deserved

What a difference half a billion pounds can make! Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because Old Dogs & Englishmen Still Do Tricks

A jolt of footy caffeine to jump-start your week! Continue reading »

The Sunday Morning Hangover: Man United & City Back On Familiar Ground

What in the hell happened in the Premier League yesterday? Continue reading »

The Sunday Morning Hangover: Man United Discover That Nobody’s Perfect

What the hell happened in the Premier League yesterday? Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because Ade Is Light On His Feet

Pouring you a double shot of fully caffeinated footy, to start off your week! Continue reading »

The System Isn’t Perfect: A 2011-12 Champions League Preview

Should everything about the Champions League be fair and equitable or should the unpredictablility of life be reflected in the group stage drawing? Continue reading »

The Sunday Morning Hangover: Merseysiders Lose; Merciless Manchester Win

What the hell happened in the Premier League yesterday? Continue reading »

Elementary, My Dear Stretford: What’s Going On In Owen Hargreaves’ Head?

Harry Sherlock gets his feelings about Owen Hargreaves off his chest. Continue reading »

WFC’s Silly Season Review, Part One: The Top Five Reasons To Spend Big In The Transfer Window

The mad rush is finally over. Here’s a look at the clubs who made the biggest impact over the summer transfer period. Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because The Premiership Is Only A Two Team League

A jolt of footy caffeine to get your week started. Continue reading »

Elementary My Dear Stretford: Who Are Man United’s Key Challengers In 2011-12?

harry Sherlock investigates which clubs will provide the stiffest competition for Man United’s title defence. Continue reading »

20/20 Vision: The WFC 2011-12 Premier League Preview

To save a few comments from disgruntled supporters, this is how much I don’t know about the Premier League. Continue reading »

Elementary, My Dear Stretford: Man United & City Stretch The Meaning Of Friendly

Who’s Harry Sherlock? Well, he’s not a bumbling private detective or a master of disguise (that was Harry Crumb). When you read the first edition of Elementary, My Dear Stretford, you’ll immediately deduce that he’s our new Manchester United correspondent. So, if you’re a City fan, well – hit the bricks, Moriarty! Continue reading »

Mario Balotelli Says, “You Don’t Know How To Play Go Fish!”

Super Mario takes the ball for a spin in America but can’t drive it home. Then, when he arrives back in England, he finds that he won’t be able to drive his new 150,000 quid Maserati home, either, thanks to a mystery prankster who has come up with a new definition for Frutta di Mare. Continue reading »

Mario Balotelli Says, “You Don’t Know That I Was Born To Ride!”

In the sixth episode of the You Don’t Know series, our intrepid hero discovers that there’s no such thing as an easy rider. Continue reading »

Manchester City Need To Stop Treating The Prem Like A Flea Market

Okay, let’s get something straight. I work with Jude Ellery on Man & Ball and occasionally we guest on each other’s patch. That’s the extent of it, though. He is neither a woman nor pretty (no matter what he may believe). Therefore, why he’s trying to clean up after me as though he were the missus is a complete mystery but read his post anyway. Continue reading »

Mancini’s Man City Migraine

Q: When does a club overstocked with quality players and losing money advertise but not sell said players despite a Champions League place being at stake?

A: When said club is Man City. Continue reading »

Chelsea Face Heavy Competition For Neymar’s Signature

Roman Abramovich came up empty, last year, when he tried to land Brazilian sensation Neymar from Santos and it’s well known that he doesn’t like to lose. Now, the youngster is a year older, with a Copa Libertadores title under his belt. Talk is he may be ready to test himself in Europe. Unfortunately, the Russian billionaire is no longer the only one fishing these waters. It’s going to take a special lure to land this big fish. Continue reading »

WFC’s 2010-11 UEFA Yearbook: Club Most Likely To Spend Big Over The Summer

The fifth in our ten-part 2010-11 season review. Continue reading »

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Culture Schlock

Martin Palazzotto finds a diamond in the rough in Gordon Bartlett: Off The Bench, a down to earth account of twenty-five years in Non-League Management.

Culture Schlock

Martin Palazzotto reviews David Goldblatt's The Ball Is Round, a comprehensive history of the beautiful game.

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