The Scouser Report – Liverpool Singe A Mournful Toon

Liverpool have begun to look like a contending side once again. After finally proving they can play up to their level rather than down to their opponents, the Reds must now focus on Fulham and not get caught looking ahead to a match with Spurs that may settle the final English place in Europe.

How Liverpool Redefined Themselves In A Meaningless Match

For the first time in a very long time, Liverpool played up to their potential when the circumstances didn’t dictate the need.

The Scouser Report: Liverpool Pay A Heavy Price For Draw With Arsenal

Liverpool still have a shot at European play next season but, with the injury bug running rampant throughout the squad, it may be all they can do to hang on to sixth place. Jamie Carragher, Andy Carroll and Fabio Aurelio all came off with various complaints – actually Carra had no complaints as he was out cold – in the 101 minute match which ended with two penalties at the death.

WFC’s Weekend Catch – The World’s Choice Fixtures For 16-17 April, 2011

While MLS and South American leagues are just getting started or in their middle stages, competitions across Europe and in Mexico are headed into the final stretch. To that end, there are any number of important matches, wherever you look. We’ve done our best to bring the most crucial to your attention, which means a King Sized Catch, this week. Are you up for it? We hope so, because here it is. Enjoy, but don’t hurt yourself!

Liverpool Fans Have One More Reason To Dislike Roy Hodgson

After enduring a miserable turn as Liverpool manager, did Karma repay a small debt to Roy Hodgson or did the Reds just have further misery heaped upon the woe that has been their 2010-11 season?

What Liverpool Owner John Henry Already Knew About Football

Three little snippets of news fit together in Martin Palazzotto’s mind like pieces in a puzzle, today. Together, they reveal a challenge facing Liverpool’s new ownership but one which it is uniquely qualified to face.

The Scouser Report – Kenny Dalglish Has A Lot Of Work To Do

After an uninspired Europa League performance against Braga, Matt Dalton is concerned about Liverpool sliding back into the apathy the squad exhibited under Roy Hodgson.

The Scouser Report – Liverpool vs Manchester United

Matt Dalton is happy the Reds put on so dominant a display against United on Sunday but wishes they’d spread the wealth more judiciously, rather than blowing it all on one afternoon.

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