Holiday Fixtures Diary, Tuesday: Man United Has Strength In Reserve & Is The Honeymoon Over For West Brom And Blackpool?

For six clubs, the exhausting holiday fixture gauntlet is over and they all have an extra day to prepare for an FA Cup weekend.  Manchester United even have a further day, as their match, so unbelievably early in the competition to be facing Liverpool as it is, has been given a special Sunday slot to … Read more

Holiday Fixture Diary, New Year’s Day: Liverpool Respond, Man United Steal One & West Ham Tame Wolves

Happy New Year! The holiday fixtures entered their second phase on the first day of 2011, with 8 matches in all.  Once again, there was a seismic shift in the table, which heaped all the pressure on Chelsea ahead of their Sunday match versus Aston Villa.  Other than the idle Blues, everyone kept pace at … Read more

The Scouser Report – Could Liverpool Really Be Relegation Fodder?

It’s difficult to be positive when you have just watched your side lose 1-0 at home to the, supposedly, worst side in the league, if, as they say, the table doesn’t lie. It’s even harder when you have to accept that Wolves did not fluke the result but, just the opposite, they, and Liverpool both … Read more

The Holiday Fixture Diary, Boxing Day: 2010, The Year of the Berba?

In a wide winter wasteland, where nothing and no one can be seen for miles in any direction, other than drifts of white snow shifting in the harsh biting wind, a straggling line of travelers, twenty in number, seeking the same path but wary and mistrustful of each other, have gathered together at the edge … Read more

Channel Surfing: FIFA’s Focus Moves East, Wenger’s Weapon, Kings of Lyon, And Other Ramblings

<click> Hi all! This column will be crossing back and forth over the Channel, keeping an eye on events involving the French.  Be it players, coaches or executives, in Ligue 1 or elsewhere, I’ll have something to say on it.  I’ll be praising the piercing runs of Samir Nasri, scoffing at the pierced nose of … Read more

The Scouser Report – Tottenham vs Liverpool

Whilst looking through the league table, earlier this week, it struck me that Liverpool currently have the exact opposite record at Anfield as they do away from home. Unsurprisingly, they are the only team in the top flight of English football that can boast such an ‘accolade.’  The Reds have been, quite possibly, the least … Read more

The Scouser Report – Seems Like Old Times

It’s amazing just how quickly attention can shift. Just a week ago, the knives were out and so, seemingly, was Roy Hodgson. This week, however, there has hardly been a word on that front, with the Kop faithful seemingly appeased (for the time being) with the three points collected at Anfield last week against Blackburn … Read more

Run Rabbit, Run!

Sound Off on which of the early season leaders my just stay in front.

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