Major League Soccer– An American Soccer Experience

Football fans outside the United States may not have a deep knowledge of our top professional division, Major League Soccer.  Although the history of soccer in the United States is long and significant, MLS is a recent addition to the landscape.  The League was formed in 1993 and began play in 1996, the result of … Read more

WFC’s Tenth Day Of Christmas: Ten Matches Amazing

Written by Martin Palazzotto, Mohamed Moallim, Thomas G. Clark, Tom Pollock, Matt Dalton, Tapesh Patel & Jeff Cann On the Tenth Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me Ten Matches Amazing, Nine Wags Enchanting, Eight Landons Leading, Seven Studs-a-Stomping, Six Meals-a-Making, Five Golden Goooooooooooooaaaaaaaaalllss!! Four Failing Clubs, Three French Men, Two Keeper’s Gloves and A … Read more

Move Over World Cup, Let MLS Show You How To Play A Cup Final!

This was exactly the type of match that Major League Soccer needed to demonstrate to the American sporting public that it has a product worth watching.  The marquee names and big clubs weren’t in Toronto to decide the 2010 MLS Cup champion but the two clubs that were proved that the league was steeped with … Read more

And Then There Were Two: The MLS Semi-Finals

If you’re a fan of the Highlander franchise, you can appreciate how the American playoff system works.  Every year, clubs go about their business in the regular season but, essentially, it’s just so much practice.  Teams play a balanced schedule, just as in any UEFA league, but the Supporter’s Shield awarded to the side with … Read more

On To The Second Round, or It’s MLS, Not GPS

The two legged quarter-final round of the Major League Soccer playoffs wrapped up on Sunday, with quite a few surprises and some geographical confusion.  Only one of the four top seeds advanced and, despite the league’s concession to television demographics in its playoff format, there are no teams remaining from the Eastern Conference.  In fact, … Read more

An Entirely Different Beast: The 2010 MLS Playoff Preview

On 21 November, two clubs will meet at Toronto’s BMO Field to battle for the 2010 MLS Cup. Beginning Thursday and concluding eleven days later, the current field of eight will be culled in half in four sets of two legged ties. WFC Editor Martin Palazzotto rates the sides but, being a proud Canuck himself, can’t help first drawing an interesting comparison between this relatively young trophy and the venerated silver chalice of the NHL, Lord Stanley’s Cup.

The Weekly Catch For 16-17 Oct. 2010

Okay, so you know about the Merseyside Derby but the Weekly Catch features a bevy of matches from the Amazon to the Ukraine. Find out what you might be missing.

Did You Catch It? 2-3 Oct. 2010

Went antiquing with the missus? Drop your Blackberry down a well? Get distracted by a weekend marathon of On The Buses? WFC has you covered. All the best matches in review and a youtube smorgasbord, to boot!

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