A Tale Of Two Bids: Sweating the 2018 & 22 FIFA World Cup Vote

From the English perspective, as regards Tuesday’s World Cup vote on the 2018 and 2022 host nations, the glass is more than half empty.  The media, famous for scarfing down complimentary fare at league matches as though they were shipping out to Ethiopa the next day, have drank their fill from the bottomless cup of … Read more

Capello’s England Shown How To Start With A Blanc Slate

(This article is a follow-up to Fun With Larry and Fab, written by Tapesh and Jude Ellery) So, we all saw the match on Wednesday (or highlights of it). We all know that 2-1 was a flattering scoreline for the English Bambi which was caught in France’s headlights. However, the symptoms of England’s demise run … Read more

Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters or How I Spent My International Break

Actually, it should be Fabio Capello trying to get falling down drunk while Laurent Blanc conducts the magnum opus but England’s off-key performance against France has to go on the back burner, for the moment. The more important question to the world of football, at large, and we are World Football Columns, is what in … Read more

Fun With Larry and Fab!

France and England.   To say they have a history together is like saying that Liverpool are having a spot of bother or that Gazza has a drink now and then.  You would think that neighbours who have lived next to each other for so long would learn to get along but for centuries before … Read more

A Sunday Sermon

Those of you who read the Artur Boruc Rage List @ Dirty Tackle religiously, as is required of all WFC columnists, will know of the Fiorentina keeper’s fear of the great corn conspiracy.  Unfortunately, there is another conspiracy which continues to seek inroads in the western world.  I speak of the ever-growing power of the … Read more

Did You Catch It? 2-3 Oct. 2010

Went antiquing with the missus? Drop your Blackberry down a well? Get distracted by a weekend marathon of On The Buses? WFC has you covered. All the best matches in review and a youtube smorgasbord, to boot!

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