Ligue 1 Channel Surfing: Newcastle’s Joey Barton Speaks French? Who Knew?

Joey Barton speaks his mind to French mag So Foot and the FA breathes a sigh of relief that it wasn’t someone with more credibility. Meanwhile, Lille OSC leave the door open for the rest of Ligue 1.

Euro 2012 Summary For 25-29 March, 2011

The past week’s Euro qualifiers mark the halfway point in this stage of the competition. As the tables are now laid out, 5 clubs have gone a great length towards ensuring that they will join hosts Ukraine and Poland in the tournament but 2 groups each feature no less than 4 countries which have positioned themselves well for automatic qualification.

Here’s a rundown on how this international week affected the group stages…

England v Wales – Capello Forgets Rooney Has A Temper, Rooney Forgets He’s Already On A Yellow

Roger Domeneghetti tactfully avoids suggesting it is past time that Fabio Capello improved his English.

WFC’s International Catch: Choice Fixtures For 25-30 March, 2011

It’s an international weekend, which means Fergie and Wenger can complain about the referees to their heart’s content and Carlos Tevez, Arjen Robben and Antonio di Natale will enjoy a week off. Most importantly, John Terry will be sporting the armband for England but Craig Bellamy hasn’t revealed whether he’ll be playing a wedge or a nine iron. In any event, here’s the cream of the international crop, according to our cracked WFC writing staff.

Over A Pint: Taking Sides On England v Denmark

Written by Roger Domeneghetti & Kristian Anker-Moeller, with an introduction from Martin Palazzotto. Have you ever been hit by an idea that seemed so great, at the time, that you couldn’t tell the difference between the dazzling light of euphoria and a bomb going off in your face?  That happened to me yesterday.  I was … Read more

WFC’s Second Day Of Christmas: Two Keeper’s Gloves

On the Second Day of Christmas, FIFA gave to me Two Keeper’s Gloves and A Whistle Happy Referee I don’t know if you’re also a fan of the sweet science but do you remember Roberto Duran?  He was the hard-nosed Panamanian middle-weight who could knock virtually anyone out with either hand.  He finally met his … Read more

Not Rooting For The Home Sides: The 2018 & 22 FIFA World Cup Bids

> > > > > >> > SPL correspondent Andrew Gibney and WFC Editor Martin Palazzotto lock horns over the 2022 USA World Cup bid.  First though, Andrew offers his conflicted feelings on the England bid. 2018 (Andrew) As a Scotsman, this one tears my loyalties apart.  On one hand, living in England, I would … Read more

Capello’s England Shown How To Start With A Blanc Slate

(This article is a follow-up to Fun With Larry and Fab, written by Tapesh and Jude Ellery) So, we all saw the match on Wednesday (or highlights of it). We all know that 2-1 was a flattering scoreline for the English Bambi which was caught in France’s headlights. However, the symptoms of England’s demise run … Read more

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