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Blues Beat: Has The Time Come For Chelsea To Cross That Bridge?

Arsenal have done it, Liverpool are planning it and Everton are desperate for it. Now, it seems that Chelsea may be putting the wheels in motion for their own stadium move. Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because Old Dogs & Englishmen Still Do Tricks

A jolt of footy caffeine to jump-start your week! Continue reading »

The Sunday Morning Hangover: Man United Discover That Nobody’s Perfect

What the hell happened in the Premier League yesterday? Continue reading »

The Monday Morning Drip: Because Ade Is Light On His Feet

Pouring you a double shot of fully caffeinated footy, to start off your week! Continue reading »

Blues Beat: Wins Over Sunderland & Leverkusen Prove That Chelsea Shouldn’t Be Written Off

Last year, Man United kept a steady pace throughout the season while Chelsea’s roaring flame burnt out too quickly. Interesting, then, what’s happening at the moment. Continue reading »

The System Isn’t Perfect: A 2011-12 Champions League Preview

Should everything about the Champions League be fair and equitable or should the unpredictablility of life be reflected in the group stage drawing? Continue reading »

The Sunday Morning Hangover: Merseysiders Lose; Merciless Manchester Win

What the hell happened in the Premier League yesterday? Continue reading »

Blues Beat: Even If England Doesn’t, Chelsea Still Values Frank Lampard

Chelsea fans may welcome Frank Lampard’s departure from the England set-up. Continue reading »

Blues Beat: Is The Addition Of Juan Mata Sufficient To Satisfy Chelsea’s Artistic Bent?

Should Juan Mata conclude Chelsea’s summer shopping, or should one final offer be made for Luka Modric? Continue reading »

The Sunday Morning Hangover: Liverpool Romp, Chelsea & Wigan Escape With Wins

What the heck happened in the Premier League yesterday? Continue reading »

Blues Beat: Chelsea Endure a Tough Start At The Britannica

Simeon Thomas-Wilson reckons Clint Eastwood should have managed Chelsea at the Brittanica. The match had a bit of it all; the good, the bad and the ugly. Continue reading »

Elementary My Dear Stretford: Who Are Man United’s Key Challengers In 2011-12?

harry Sherlock investigates which clubs will provide the stiffest competition for Man United’s title defence. Continue reading »

20/20 Vision: The WFC 2011-12 Premier League Preview

To save a few comments from disgruntled supporters, this is how much I don’t know about the Premier League. Continue reading »

Blues Beat: Chelsea Are Set Inside With Lukaku, But What About The Wings?

Will opposing sides have the luxury of stacking up the middle against a narrow Chelsea attack? Continue reading »

Blues Beat: What Can Javier Pastore Bring To Chelsea?

In his search for a creative midfielder who can put a fresh face on the Chelsea image, Roman Abramovich is now rumoured to be courting Javier Pastore. Continue reading »

To Keep Or Not To Keep: Chelsea’s Villas-Boas Must Decide On Sturridge

Chelsea’s machine needs a few new parts but Roman Abramovich is reluctant to put the old cogs up on blocks, lest he lose ground to his rivals. With the help of Jon Bon Jovi, Simeon Thomas-Wilson asks the musical question, what, then, is Andres Villas-Boas going to do with Daniel Sturridge? Continue reading »

Chelsea Face Heavy Competition For Neymar’s Signature

Roman Abramovich came up empty, last year, when he tried to land Brazilian sensation Neymar from Santos and it’s well known that he doesn’t like to lose. Now, the youngster is a year older, with a Copa Libertadores title under his belt. Talk is he may be ready to test himself in Europe. Unfortunately, the Russian billionaire is no longer the only one fishing these waters. It’s going to take a special lure to land this big fish. Continue reading »

Andres Villas-Boas & Chelsea: Damned If You Do…

Please check the box next to the feat you would most like to attempt: a) slay a fire-breathing dragon, b) throw the One Ring into the Cracks of Doom, c) prove that I’m a better manager than Jose Mourinho or d) anything but that last one! Continue reading »

WFC’s 2010-11 UEFA Yearbook: Young Player Most Likely To Impress At A Big Club.

The eighth installment in our ten part season review. Continue reading »

WFC’s 2010-11 UEFA Yearbook: Manager Most Likely To Accept A High-Profile Position

The seventh installment in our ten-part season review. Continue reading »

WFC’s 2010-11 UEFA Yearbook: Club Most Likely To Spend Big Over The Summer

The fifth in our ten-part 2010-11 season review. Continue reading »

WFC’s 2010-11 UEFA Yearbook: Club Most Likely To Win The 2012 Champions League

Can anyone possibly stand in Barcelona’s way? Sure, maybe… Yeah, okay, why not? Continue reading »

Is Mark Hughes Hoping To Upgrade From A Fulham Cottage To A Chelsea Mansion?

Mohamed al Fayed is understandably upset at losing a second manager in a year, despite offering both all the support a pitch boss could want. This time, though, it rankles even more because there was no visible reason for Mark Hughes to quit Fulham. Continue reading »

Man United Show Arsenal How To Win A Title

Arsenal dropped another match to Stoke on Sunday, while Manchester United continued to grind out results, no matter who challenged them on the day. The differing responses to the fallout from a big match highlight why one is struggling to translate their talent into titles and the other is on the brink of becoming the most feted club in the history of the English top flight. Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 7-8 May, 2011

Fair enough. This weekend sees Manchester United face off against Chelsea with the Premier League title at stake, the KNVB Beker and Paulista Cups being contested and AC MIlan on the verge of wrapping up their first Scudetto in eight years. So, why is there a picture of David Beckham and Thierry Henry on the cover of this article? Come on, isn’t it obvious? Henry in a full beard is major news! Continue reading »

European Lights: Champions League & Europa League Move On To Semi-Finals

For most of the chasers in the second legs of both the Champions and Europa League quarter-finals, this week was simply a matter of taking their medicine. One or two, however, still put up some fight, first. Meanwhile, in the two matches still in doubt, the four clubs held to form. Andrew Gibney runs the rule over the eight matches and previews the semis. Continue reading »

Mourinho & Chelsea: Who Says You Can Never Go Home?

When Martin Palazzotto says never say never, he means it. Not content with teaching pigs to fly or installing air conditioning in Lucifer’s offices, the WFC editor takes a flight of fancy, examining how the impossible could occur, by tracing Jose Mourinho’s path back to Stamford Bridge. Continue reading »

UEFA Champions League Lesson #14: Be Careful What You Ask For, You Just Might Get It!

Hell has frozen over, West Ham are pressing for a Champions League place and Alan Shearer has done his homework. Well, no not really. But WFC founder Steven Jones has done a Bilbo Baggins, coming back as if from the grave to share his view of this week’s prospects in the Champions League. Continue reading »

European Lights – After the Opening Legs Of The CL & EL Quarters, UEFA Sends Out An Urgent Call For Fat Ladies Who Can Carry A Tune

Andrew Gibney looks back at the carnage from the quarter-final round opening legs in both the Champions and Europa Leagues. Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 9-10 April, 2011

There are some intriguing matchups across the globe this weekend. The Championship features a showdown between two newly promoted sides in the hunt to repeat the feat this year, the first edition of the Felix Magath Derby takes place on Saturday, Real Madrid and Inter head into tough games with something to prove, the run-in of the Libertadores Group Stage begins and the best sides in both the Mexican Clausura and MLS face off. No matter where you are, there’s entertainment to be had. Enjoy! Continue reading »

Man United Thrive On The Edge While Chelsea Placidly Live In Denial

Chelsea are spending far too much energy pretending that their problems don’t exist. Meanwhile the side that just put them behind the eight ball in the Champions League, Manchester United, are less concerned with appearances than with winning. Continue reading »

What Liverpool Owner John Henry Already Knew About Football

Three little snippets of news fit together in Martin Palazzotto’s mind like pieces in a puzzle, today. Together, they reveal a challenge facing Liverpool’s new ownership but one which it is uniquely qualified to face. Continue reading »

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Culture Schlock

Roger Domeneghetti reviews Paul Tomkin's book Pay As You Play, which reveals an interesting method for comparing your favourite sides of old with the best clubs of today.

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