WFC’s Weekend Catch – The World’s Choice Fixtures For 16-17 April, 2011

While MLS and South American leagues are just getting started or in their middle stages, competitions across Europe and in Mexico are headed into the final stretch. To that end, there are any number of important matches, wherever you look. We’ve done our best to bring the most crucial to your attention, which means a King Sized Catch, this week. Are you up for it? We hope so, because here it is. Enjoy, but don’t hurt yourself!

Alphabet Soup: Stirring The Depths Of The Premier League

The letter W is cursed. How else do you explain the plight of West Ham, Wigan, Wolves and West Brom?

The Weekend Catch: Football’s Best Fixtures For 5-6 February, 2011

The weekend has an incredible range of matches to sample.  WFC brings you 22 of the best, from 12 competitions and served up by 11 writers.  Help yourself! Newcastle v Arsenal (Saturday) – If Newcastle fans want to know what life will be like without Andy Carroll they don’t have to look very far – … Read more

Tales Of The Almost Beatables: Man United’s Berba & Hernandez Steal Blackpool’s Thunder

A fortnight ago, I had what seemed like a really good idea.  United kept going out and giving up late goals to settle for draws which should have been wins.  If not that, then they’d leave it late and strike at the death to turn certain defeat into points on the board.  Wouldn’t it be … Read more

The Weekend Catch For 22-23 January, 2011

If you don’t think there’s much good footy to watch this weekend, well crank up the TiVo and fasten your seatbelt because we’ve got more than you can handle.  No less than seven WFC writers have selected 16 club matches from across the globe.  There has to be something in there to tickle your fancy. … Read more

The Scouser Report – Kenny’s Back, But Liverpool’s Miracle May Have To Wait

If you believed the return of King Kenny heralded an immediate about-face in Liverpool’s fortunes, the early returns must be testing your faith.  Of the two matches over which Dalglish has presided, there is no question that the performance at Old Trafford was of a markedly higher standard than the visit to Bloomfield Road in … Read more

FA Cup 3rd Round: Beanstalks Climbed, Golden Geese Pilfered

Written by Martin Palazzotto, Tapesh Patel and Eliot Rothwell As everyone knows, anticipates and celebrates, the FA Cup is English football’s opportunity for David to meet Goliath, Jack to slay his giant and the underdog to have his day.  We all like to see the little guy come out on top, to stick it to … Read more

Holiday Fixtures Report Card: Man United Refuse To Lose, City Fear To And Chelsea & Liverpool Can’t Help But

Ten Days.  Four Premier League matches.  A short stretch of time in the middle of the season, yet so much hanging in the balance.  It’s a run of games which can make or break your season, changing it for the better, destroying every good result which came before or, in its ambiguity, locking you into … Read more

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