Lose weight playing soccer

Play a game of football with friends helps you burn more fat , and gain more body mass to go out and run , according to research by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

They studied 37 healthy subjects , between 31 and 33 years of age, who were divided into two groups: some played soccer and others ran for 12 weeks, for an hour, three times a week.

To measure your effort, they were placed monitors heart rate chest and samples of his were compared blood and muscle tissue , taken before and after each game of football or race . The study found that runners lost 2% fat, while the players lost 3.7%, ie almost twice as fat . In addition, in the corridors it was modified just their muscle mass , while the players football increased almost two kilos.


In addition, the investigation showed that footballers have more fun, get tired unless you only run, and think both the fatigue and sore muscles because they enjoy most about their activity.

Moreover, playing football is also beneficial for bones , because with the accelerations, decelerations, jumps and twists, building increases bone by the body of the players.

Play football since before puberty favors the content and mineral concentration of the bone and gives them a larger size, so your femur grows to 23%, and 10% in the lumbar area of the spine , according to another study by Dr. Jose Antonio Lopez Calbet, University of Las Palmas.

Therefore, take the Pastillas para bajar de peso or typical peel or play an amateur can help you lose weight and strengthen your muscles and bones .