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WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 16-17 July, 2011

The best fixtures of a Copa Mundial y America weekend and the lament of one Neil Warnock. Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 9-10 July, 2011

The Weekend’s best matches and a quick look at the lack of substance in Friday’s headlines. Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 2-3 July, 2011

The transfer window churned out a few deals this week, most notably David de Gea’s long anticipated switch to Manchester United. The weekend fixture list is a short one, dominated by the Women’s World Cup and Copa America, although there is also plenty of club action in Japan and America. As well, there is another epic World Cup clash between English and American concerns on the men’s side. That’s one you won’t want to miss! Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 25-26 June, 2011

This week’s Catch features a healthy mix of club and international competition, with the Gold Cup Final, the Women’s World Cup Opener and a cornucopia of snacks in between. Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 11-12 June, 2011

It’s another week of football brought to you from countries where you can’t get a decent curry, let alone a frothy pint of Guinness. Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 11-12 June, 2011

After a week of International fare, club football takes over in earnest in the far reaches of the world. In Russia it’s a battle royale for the top spot in the RPL, while in Japan, the J-League tries to put a heartbreaking spring behind it and bring a smile, if just for a moment, to their fans. In the Americas, Major league Soccer heads into the middle part of its season, oblivious to losing its best players to the Gold Cup, while Chile and Argentina wrap up their Clausura campaigns and Brazil shrugs off the last bits of rust in the national championship.

England, Spain, Italy and Germany? Who needs ‘em? Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 4-5 June 2011

It’s going to be a bit of bare bones over the next few weeks, as most of Europe is idle, Mexico is on their summer break, Argentina is winding down and Australia has yet to kick in their new campaign. Still, there is the Russian Premier League, the Campeonato Brasileiro, Major League Soccer, the Women’s World Cup, Copa America and the Gold Cup to keep us occupied until full football service is restored in late August. So, if you’re really jonesing for some footy, WFC will point you in the right direction. Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch: Choice Matches For 28-29 May, 2011 (Including The Champions League Final)

The Champions League Final casts a huge shadow over the weekend fixtures but there are some other important matches lurking in the darkness. Have a look! Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch: Choice Matches For 21-22 May, 2011

Much like AH-nold and Maria, most of European football has entered the End Of Days. As the Devil is in the details, we’ll be featuring summaries, rather than individual matches for certain leagues. If that makes you unhappy, keep it to yourself or, when you go to sleep, Gabriel Byrne will be under your bed! Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch: Choice Matches For 14-15 May, 2011

Both Barcelona and Manchester United should wrap up their respective titles this weekend, each needing just a point to do so. Yet neither are in our global cornucopia of matches. Strangely enough, their local rivals are. This week, we bring you two cup finals, two sets of playoff semi-final ties, a match which will crown a league champion one way or the other, one of the most passionate derbies in the world and any number of struggles for European contention and top flight survival. We dare you to read it all! Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 7-8 May, 2011

Fair enough. This weekend sees Manchester United face off against Chelsea with the Premier League title at stake, the KNVB Beker and Paulista Cups being contested and AC MIlan on the verge of wrapping up their first Scudetto in eight years. So, why is there a picture of David Beckham and Thierry Henry on the cover of this article? Come on, isn’t it obvious? Henry in a full beard is major news! Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 30 April & 1 May, 2011

The focus of football is on Europe as its various leagues head to the wire. There are some tasty matches, as well, including Manchester United’s trip to the Emirates to face Arsenal, with the Premier League title partially in the balance. As well, Borussia Dortmund consider calling in Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth as they look for a cure to their late season stutter, America try to get over on Mexico’s most dangerous cats, Pumas, and Neymar leads Santos against hated rivals Sao Paolo in the Paulista. Keep the remote handy, you’ll need it! Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch: The World’s Best Fixtures For 23-24 April, 2011

Things are getting tight everywhere in the football world, except, of course, the USA. One MLS side, Real Salt Lake, are even getting a pass on early games as they pursue the CONCACAF CL Final. Everywhere else, seasons are winding down. Bolton and Arsenal look to turn around recent adversities against each other on Sunday, Marseille look for a trophy in the Coupe de la Ligue on Saturday, Real Madrid play another match at the Mestalla, this time against Valencia, Feyenoord look for 10 goals worth of pay back against PSV and QPR seek a win against Cardiff that, barring the intervention of the FA, will have them planning for a Premier League season in August.

Enjoy! Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – The World’s Choice Fixtures For 16-17 April, 2011

While MLS and South American leagues are just getting started or in their middle stages, competitions across Europe and in Mexico are headed into the final stretch. To that end, there are any number of important matches, wherever you look. We’ve done our best to bring the most crucial to your attention, which means a King Sized Catch, this week. Are you up for it? We hope so, because here it is. Enjoy, but don’t hurt yourself! Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch – Choice Fixtures For 9-10 April, 2011

There are some intriguing matchups across the globe this weekend. The Championship features a showdown between two newly promoted sides in the hunt to repeat the feat this year, the first edition of the Felix Magath Derby takes place on Saturday, Real Madrid and Inter head into tough games with something to prove, the run-in of the Libertadores Group Stage begins and the best sides in both the Mexican Clausura and MLS face off. No matter where you are, there’s entertainment to be had. Enjoy! Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch: Choice Fixtures For 2-3 April, 2011

After a week of international fixtures, highlighted by Euro Qualifiers, it’s back to the club grind. Most of the top clubs across Europe can be thankful that the Fixture Gods have allowed them to ease back into their respective competitions. In Serie A, however, players will need to hit the ground running, with four key match-ups on deck, including the second leg of the Milan Derby, with 1st place on the line. As well, Barcelona, who limped into the international break, face a stern test against Villareal and young Seleção sensation Neymar has 2 key matches in the Paulista and Copa Libertadores, for Santos, on the heels of antagonising an entire nation by playing the race card after his brace against Scotland on the weekend.

Enjoy! Continue reading »

WFC’s International Catch: Choice Fixtures For 25-30 March, 2011

It’s an international weekend, which means Fergie and Wenger can complain about the referees to their heart’s content and Carlos Tevez, Arjen Robben and Antonio di Natale will enjoy a week off. Most importantly, John Terry will be sporting the armband for England but Craig Bellamy hasn’t revealed whether he’ll be playing a wedge or a nine iron. In any event, here’s the cream of the international crop, according to our cracked WFC writing staff. Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch: Choice Fixtures For 19-20 March, 2011

This week’s tale of the tape: 17 matches from 13 competitions. The A-League wrapped up last weekend but MLS steps in to take its place. There are three enticing match-ups in Spain this weekend, the Old Firm.2011.6 is on deck with the Scottish League Cup at stake, Man City and Chelsea clash in a potential season-ender for one or the other and we look past Brazil and Argentina for some juicy matches elsewhere in South America. Enjoy!
Continue reading »

The Weekend Catch: WFC’s Choice Fixtures For 12-13 March, 2011

Man City have doubt on their mind after a disastrous trip to the Ukraine and giant killing Reading on deck in the FA Cup. QPR visit manager Neal Warnock’s former side Crystal Palace, trying to keep the hoops focussed in the midst of the Alejandro Faurlin scandal. Louis van Gaal and Bayern are stuck with each other ’til season’s end, facing inconsistent Hamburg on Saturday, but the club’s hierarchy expects a Champions League place or the Dutchman may not make it out of Bavaria alive. These three matches and sixteen more from across the planet are featured in this Weekend’s Catch. Continue reading »

The Weekend Catch: WFC’s Choice Fixtures For 5-6 March, 2011

WFC’s picks of the best weekend football on the planet. Twenty-one matches, fifteen competitions, eight writers. Pick and choose or down them all in one sitting, you greedy piglet! Continue reading »

The Weekend Catch: The Choice Fixtures For 26-27 February, 2011

Arsenal v Birmingham in the Carling Cup is the biggest match of the week but it eclipses some other notable clashes. Milan and Napoli clash in a 1v2 Lega Calcio tilt, PSV and Ajax go at it, Lille OSC tangles with Lyon, Bayern makes their last stand against BVB and Brazilian champions Fluminense head to the fabled Azteca, in Mexico City, to take on Club America in the Copa Libertadores. But wait, There’s more! Read on…. Continue reading »

The Weekend Catch: WFC’s Football Fixture List For 19-20 February, 2011

This week’s tallies:  twenty matches in fifteen competitions chosen by ten writers.  Hop on for the ride! Chelsea v Everton (Saturday) — It has just occurred to me that Chelsea is a lot like Toy Story.  Seriously.  Roman Abramovich is Andy, although he doesn’t have to wait for Christmas or his birthday for his parents … Continue reading »

The Weekend Catch: WFC’s Choice Fixtures For 12-13 February, 2011

This week’s tale of the tape:  16 matches, 11 competitions, 7 authors. Get the TiVo out and enjoy! Manchester United v Manchester City (Saturday) – On a momentous day for football fans in Manchester and beyond, former United player Carlos Tevez leads the all-star Citizens into Old Trafford on Saturday, in an attempt to slay … Continue reading »

The Weekend Catch For 29-30 January, 2011

For those of you who follow the Weekend Catch, you’ll notice that we’ve rearranged the furniture a bit.  Instead of sorting by author and yanking you this way and that, we’ve placed all matches from the same competition together.  Hopefully, you’ll find it a bit easier to enjoy the tour of big weekend matches we … Continue reading »

The Weekend Catch For 22-23 January, 2011

If you don’t think there’s much good footy to watch this weekend, well crank up the TiVo and fasten your seatbelt because we’ve got more than you can handle.  No less than seven WFC writers have selected 16 club matches from across the globe.  There has to be something in there to tickle your fancy. … Continue reading »

Weekend Catch: 15-16 January, 2011 — Spurs and Liverpool Out For Revenge

After a hectic fortnight of Premier League fixtures, it’s a relief to get back to the more pastoral pace of global football.  This Week’s Catch features matches from all over Europe and Australia, as well as the UK, with the best being brought to you by some familiar faces and some new ones, as well. … Continue reading »

The Weekend Catch, 8-9 January 2011: FA Cup 3rd Round Leads The Way, La Liga and Serie A Finish A Great Slate Of Matches

Written by Martin Palazzotto, Eliot Rothwell, Tapesh Patel, Andrew Gibney, Fab Presilli & Tom Pollock. It’s a cup weekend in England, Scotland and France.  Fans in all three countries will be holding their betting tickets and hoping a lowly club can play David and slay a Goliath.  There are any number of matches which offer … Continue reading »

The New Year’s Catch For 1-5 January, 2011 — The Old Firm & City v Arsenal

With the Boxing Day fixtures complete, some clubs are rejoicing but others are reeling.  This isn’t time to dwell on one’s fortunes, however, as the New Year’s fixtures are already upon them.  As they negotiate the opening week of 2011, some clubs will be welcoming new faces, with the January window open for business.  Others … Continue reading »

The Boxing Day Catch: 26-29 December, 2010

If Ian Holloway and the rest of England are looking for support in their protest against a possible Winter World Cup in 2022, they had best look at the fixture list for the next two weeks.  The Home Nations are the only active competitions in Europe.  Most of their neighbours are more likely to see … Continue reading »

WFC’s Weekend Catch In Review: 18-19 December, 2010

To paraphrase Billy Idol, it’s a nice time for a white weekend. The Frost Giants have come down from their holds in the Nordic country and overrun Europe like a caravan of ivory clad casuals.  The white stuff is everywhere. With everything at a standstill and the young and young at heart faced with a … Continue reading »

The Weekend Catch For 18-19 December, 2010

Wow! Everyone just got out of the way in England.  Last weekend, there was a marquee match on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  This week, it’s the big boys, United and Chelski and then a massive bag of ennui.  Okay, there is Liverpool hosting Fulham, on Saturday, with Roy Hodgson running up against his old charges … Continue reading »

Weekend Catch In Review For 11-12 December, 2010

You have to hand it to Richard Scudamore.   While he does tend to get over excited, especially with this whole 39th game proposal, he does know how to set a fixture list.  Liverpool at Newcastle on Saturday, Chelsea at White Hart Lane against Spurs on Sunday and Arsenal visiting Old Trafford to cap it … Continue reading »

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