Holiday Fixtures Report Card: Man United Refuse To Lose, City Fear To And Chelsea & Liverpool Can’t Help But

Ten Days.  Four Premier League matches.  A short stretch of time in the middle of the season, yet so much hanging in the balance.  It’s a run of games which can make or break your season, changing it for the better, destroying every good result which came before or, in its ambiguity, locking you into … Read more

Holiday Fixtures Diary, Wednesday: Premier League Fireworks In The Final Fixtures!

It’s a well-known tradition that every great spectacle ends with fireworks and the holiday fixtures have been no different, with spectacular score lines and stunning results that have again dramatically shifted the Premier League table.  Chelsea have lost again, to bottom side Wolves.  Liverpool have shown that they cannot put together a consistent run under … Read more

Holiday Fixtures Diary, Tuesday: Man United Has Strength In Reserve & Is The Honeymoon Over For West Brom And Blackpool?

For six clubs, the exhausting holiday fixture gauntlet is over and they all have an extra day to prepare for an FA Cup weekend.  Manchester United even have a further day, as their match, so unbelievably early in the competition to be facing Liverpool as it is, has been given a special Sunday slot to … Read more

Holiday Fixture Diary, Sunday: Chelsea Can’t Hold Off Villa, Newcastle Defeat Wigan

I can take heart that, as a prognosticator, I’m not completely hopeless.  When I left off yesterday, I predicted the first two draws of the New Year would come today.  I was half right but, of course, I also expected most of the scoring to take place in the Wigan/Newcastle match rather than at Stamford … Read more

Holiday Fixture Diary, New Year’s Day: Liverpool Respond, Man United Steal One & West Ham Tame Wolves

Happy New Year! The holiday fixtures entered their second phase on the first day of 2011, with 8 matches in all.  Once again, there was a seismic shift in the table, which heaped all the pressure on Chelsea ahead of their Sunday match versus Aston Villa.  Other than the idle Blues, everyone kept pace at … Read more

Holiday Fixture Diary: Wolves At The Door For Liverpool’s Hodgson, Gunners Shoot Selves In Foot & Chelsea Win?

I blame LaMarcus Adna Thompson.  He didn’t invent the rollercoaster but he patented thirty different designs involving them and was instrumental in their popularity.  Which naturally led to the metaphor that has become a such a sporting cliché, the rollercoaster ride in reference to a season or stretch thereof with up and down results.  That … Read more

Holiday Fixture Diary: Ian Darke Hexes Man United, Toon & West Brom Sink And City Throw Down

It’s day 3, of 4,  in the first round of holiday fixtures and the table has undergone another significant shift.  On Boxing Day, the biggest changes were at the top, with Manchester City moving second, and at the bottom, with Wigan rocketing out of the drop zone and West Ham leapfrogging Wolves.  Monday’s single match … Read more

Holiday Fixture Diary: Arsenal v Chelsea Monday Main Event!

Can it be true? Is the troll which lives under Stamford Bridge history?  Has it been transformed from a massive, unyielding beast whose swagger was usually enough to defeat opponents?  Is it now just this timid, lumbering, almost hapless shadow of its former self?  In the past, the one thing the Blues could rely upon, … Read more

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