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Winning Ugly — Is Rupert Murdoch The Devil?

A free preview of the new issue of Man & Ball, featuring a look at one of NewsCorps more ‘far flung’ enterprises. Continue reading »

Culture Schlock: Off The Bench – Gordon Bartlett’s Twenty Five Years Of Non-League Management

An inspiring tale of one manager’s journey through Non-League football, replete with stars on the rise, on the wane and, too often, on the way to the match but not to the right stadium. Continue reading »

Culture Schlock: The Ball Is Round

At the writing, there are 208 member nations in FIFA.  The United Nations, by comparison, have only 192.  That is how prolific football has become after roughly 120 years as an organised sport.  Almost ten percent of societies on Moreover, it has played a significant role in the rise and fall of many governments, the … Continue reading »

Culture Schlock: Brilliant Orange

Mohamed Moallim reviews David Winner’s look at Dutch football and Ajax in particular. Continue reading »

Culture Schlock: Pay As You Play

† The original version of this review appears on Roger Domenghetti’s blog, Who Ate All The Goals? It’s an age-old pub game; comparing teams from different eras in an attempt to determine which was best. Of course, these days that seems much harder with the huge rise in money’s influence on football compared to even 20 years ago. … Continue reading »

Culture Schlock: How Soccer Explains The World

How Soccer Explains The World is the best book on football that I have read.  Subtitled An Unlikely Theory Of Globalization, it is the author’s observations on how the beautiful game has ridden political, cultural and sectarian currents and, in turn, played a part in dragging any number of countries into the mainstream of the new order … Continue reading »

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Culture Schlock

Martin Palazzotto finds a diamond in the rough in Gordon Bartlett: Off The Bench, a down to earth account of twenty-five years in Non-League Management.

Culture Schlock

Roger Domeneghetti reviews Paul Tomkin's book Pay As You Play, which reveals an interesting method for comparing your favourite sides of old with the best clubs of today.

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