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The Shouting/ A Look Back At The Tournament That Was

The World Cup is over and as WFC looks back, we realise it may have been the first to live up to the name. There were performances, good and bad, put on by nations from every federation. Continue reading »

Match Day Special/World Cup Final: Spain v The Netherlands

The Empire Strikes! Continue reading »

Match Day Special/ World Cup Consolation Match: Germany v Uruguay

An atypically sexy win for the Germans. Continue reading »

WFC Writers’ World Cup Final Predictions

The Magnificent Seven ride again! WFC’s writers tell you who they think will have their hands on the World Cup this Sunday. Continue reading »

Match Day Special/World Cup Semi-Final Germany v Spain

The final two sides are set! It’s the Dutch, who will try not to be overwhelmed by the European Champions, Spain. Continue reading »

Match Day Special/World Cup Semi-Final Uruguay v The Netherlands

Arjen Robben and the Dutch are heading to the Final. Continue reading »

Matchday Special – Germany vs Argentina

Germany make their country proud as they advance to the semi-finals Continue reading »

Matchday Special: Spain v Paraguay, WC Quarterfinals

Spain and Paraguay cap off an insanity filled round of quarter finals with what else but further madness. Continue reading »

Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?

As the mistakes and injustices pile up at the World Cup, will Sepp Blatter’s incessant apologies be enough to assuage embittered fans? Continue reading »

Matchday Special – Uruguay vs Ghana

Yet more controversy clouds the World Cup. Continue reading »

Matchday Special – Brazil vs The Netherlands

A look into the first quarterfinal match. Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary–Matchday 19 June 29, 2010

What happened to all the goals? Continue reading »

Blind Man’s Bluff: Mayhem With A Whistle!

Referees deserve a little love, don’t they? Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 18, June 28th 2010

Two more quarterfinal spots were up for grabs today. First up was the Dutch match with Slovakia. The mere fact that the Eastern Europeans were still in the tournament was a surprise, Italy and Paraguay were favorites in group F, but the Italians failed to live up to the initial expectations. Slovakia came to the … Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary Matchday 17, June 27th, 2010

The 2nd day of the Round of 16 served up a pair of tasty matches for football fans in 2 hemispheres. The afternoon match was an unusually early 2nd round encounter between 2 UEFA powers, Germany and England. The evening game was a clash between Latin American titans, Argentina and Mexico. The English media was … Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary – Matchday 16, 26 June 2010

With the group stages now done and dusted, it is time to get on with the business end of the World Cup. First up in the Round of 16, we were treated to what you might call two warm up matches, in anticipation of the big boys. The afternoon kick off saw Group A winners, … Continue reading »

The Big One–Vote for your winner!

. . It’s coming in less than 24 hours.  England versus Germany,  Rooney versus Klose, Lampard versus Ozil, Cole versus Lahm, fish & chips versus weinerschnitzel! Who’s going to win? [poll id="3"] . And Add Your Comments Below

WFC World Cup Diary – Matchday 15, 25 June 2010

It’s the last day of the group stage. Some of us are going to miss these first two weeks of games, others are looking forward to the big games ahead. One match that will not be missed is the one in Durban today. Brazil v Portugal was an awful football game and to end with … Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary – Matchday 14, 24 June 2010

With all eyes directed at the defending World Cup Champions going into the last day of games in Group F, Paraguay quietly emerged as the leader in Group F and remained discreet with a 0-0 draw against New Zealand. Although they held possession for 58% of the game against New Zealand and attempted 17 shots, … Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary – Matchday 13, 23 June 2010

A nailbiting day of action in South Africa, with groups C and D being decided and, with them, two more Round of 16 matches. Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 12, 22 June 2010

A review of all today’s World Cup action Continue reading »

Crunch Time

South Africa knows how to throw a party and no one wants to leave early! Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 11, 21 June 2010

Coverage of the last of the second round Group Stage matches, replete with a musical accompaniment! Continue reading »

For Once, More Is Better

A solution to the lack of open football being played in the group stages. Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 10, 20 June 2010

The beginning of winter came with not so cold temperatures in South Africa. Sunday also brought crucial games for group F and the first real challenge for Brazil. Paraguay and Slovakia led the way, in Bloemfontein, where Paraguay’s coach, Argentinian Gerardo Martino had a surprise for Vladimir Weiss.  A three forward formation kept Paraguay with … Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 9, 19 June 2010

A round-up of all the action from Matchday 9. Continue reading »

(Alternate Universe) WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 8, 18 June 2010

Not on the FIFA referee entrance exam Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 8, 18 June 2010

Germany vs Serbia, USA vs Slovenia, England vs Algeria Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 7, 17 June 2010

Looks like the second game for each country brought with it some good football. It started yesterday with Uruguay’s nice win over the hosts. Today, Groups A and B had their second round games. Argentina was first up in Johannesburg against South Korea; a win permitted Diego Maradona to rest some of his players on … Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 6, 16 June 2010

The final day of opening matches began with an all Spanish affair between Honduras and Chile.  The Chileans, very attack minded, were heavily favored, having held their own against Brazil and Argentina in CONMEBOL qualifying.  The Hondurans, who were 3rd in CONCACAF behind the US and Mexico, would play with their manager, Reinaldo Ruelda, serving … Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 5, 15 June 2010

You must wonder how it is to watch a World Cup in Brazil.  Businesses close early, people wear yellow (sometimes in very ugly tones) to work or school, and the country stops for two hours, during the Brazilian matches. Today started with a match from group F, between two countries most people believe will get … Continue reading »

WFC World Cup Diary: Matchday 4, 14 June 2010

Featuring the Netherlands v Denmark, Japan v Cameroon and Italy v Paraguay Continue reading »

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