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Sepp Blatter Says “Bye, Bye Birdies!”

The Fight of the Century is off. Or, perhaps, one of the contestants might have been clever enough to dispose of his opponent before the opening bell. While disconsolate Man United fans were trudging out of Wembley, on Saturday evening, and jubilant Barcelona players were attempting to throw coach Pep Guardiola so high that he could get a view of the Thames, Asian Football Conference boss Mohamed bin Hammam was quietly withdrawing his candidacy for the FIFA Presidency. Continue reading »

FIFA Asks: Is There An Honest Politician In The House?

Accusations of corruption from former FA chief Lord Triesman and CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer have led to summons for both candidates in Wednesday’s FIFA Presidential election. Will anything come of it? Do bears shit in your living room? Continue reading »

Blatter v Bin Hamman: FIFA’s Heavyweight Battle Is Now Official

FIFA’s Fight of the Century is on! Mohammed Bin Hamman has officially announced his candidacy for the top job in the football world and is flashing enough cash to make his neighbour, Sheikh Mansour, blush. But will money be enough to dislodge enough votes from the incumbent, Sepp Blatter? Continue reading »

Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Chuck Blazer

Chuck Blazer sticks his foot in it trying to get a little payback for the US losing their World Cup bid. Continue reading »

João Havelange: Did One Man Set US Soccer Back A Generation?

Have you ever played 6 Degrees Of Separation?  You start out with Tom Hanks, and end up with Sepp Blatter.   Here’s how it works, for the uninitiated:  Tom Hanks starred in (1) Saving Private Ryan, in which his co-star was (2) Matt Damon, who later had the lead in (3) Invictus, alongside (4) Morgan Freeman, … Continue reading »

Fight Of The Century! The FIFA Presidential Election

Oh, it’s on, baby.  It may not be official until the challenger, Mohammed Bin Hamman, steps up to the microphone to announce his candidacy but sufficient clues have been left that even Inspector Clouseau could figure it out. Bin Hamman has bided his time.  He has acted as a second to FIFA boss Sepp Blatter … Continue reading »

The Legacy Virus: Thoughts On FIFA, Russia 2018 & Qatar 2022

Well, that’s that then.  If you live in the English-speaking world, there’s nothing to see here.  It’s all done and dusted.  Time to move along.  If you’re a Muscovite, chances are the corner package shop is almost out of Stoli, so you’d better get a move on.  If you’re a Qatari, I guess the hard … Continue reading »

A Tale Of Two Bids: Sweating the 2018 & 22 FIFA World Cup Vote

From the English perspective, as regards Tuesday’s World Cup vote on the 2018 and 2022 host nations, the glass is more than half empty.  The media, famous for scarfing down complimentary fare at league matches as though they were shipping out to Ethiopa the next day, have drank their fill from the bottomless cup of … Continue reading »

Sepp Blatter, Politician At Large!

Always tell the voters what they want to hear. Continue reading »

Run That By Me Again?

An argument in favor of Instant Replay Technology Continue reading »

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Culture Schlock

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