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Women’s World Cup: Land Of Hope (Powell) And Glory?

Be careful what you ask for. We’ve been dying to have a female writer on the WFC staff for ages. We thought a feminine touch would brighten the place up, make it a little more pleasant and cheerful. Finally along comes Rae, linguist, shoe-ologist, Liverpool fan and the voice of I Am A Diva Nerd. Boy, were we wrong. Continue reading »

England Internationals: The U21s Show The Same Inconsistency As The Senior Squad

England’s ouster from the U21 Euros raised serious questions about the International set-up. Why is no one asking them? Continue reading »

England v Wales – Capello Forgets Rooney Has A Temper, Rooney Forgets He’s Already On A Yellow

Roger Domeneghetti tactfully avoids suggesting it is past time that Fabio Capello improved his English. Continue reading »

How Chelsea’s John Terry Explains England’s Inability To Win The World Cup

With John Terry’s reinstatement as England captain, the tabloid press is stirring up the muck once again. When will its all too willing audience finally get wise to the sham? Continue reading »

Over A Pint: Taking Sides On England v Denmark

Written by Roger Domeneghetti & Kristian Anker-Moeller, with an introduction from Martin Palazzotto. Have you ever been hit by an idea that seemed so great, at the time, that you couldn’t tell the difference between the dazzling light of euphoria and a bomb going off in your face?  That happened to me yesterday.  I was … Continue reading »

The Next England Manager

As a subject for speculation, the title of this article is always brought up within 24 hours of the hiring of the newest victim to accept the job.  After having considered for some time who would best be suited to the post, I’ve concluded that it’s beyond anyone.  Hercules may have cleaned out the Aegean Stables … Continue reading »

Capello’s England Shown How To Start With A Blanc Slate

(This article is a follow-up to Fun With Larry and Fab, written by Tapesh and Jude Ellery) So, we all saw the match on Wednesday (or highlights of it). We all know that 2-1 was a flattering scoreline for the English Bambi which was caught in France’s headlights. However, the symptoms of England’s demise run … Continue reading »

Not A Great Night To Wear Green

There were matches on both sides of the Irish border, on a cold November evening.  In all,  25,000 fans hoped for some exciting football to warm them.  In the end,  the night would only get colder. Republic of Ireland 1 – 2 Norway Irish eyes were smiling when the home side got off to a … Continue reading »

Fun With Larry and Fab!

France and England.   To say they have a history together is like saying that Liverpool are having a spot of bother or that Gazza has a drink now and then.  You would think that neighbours who have lived next to each other for so long would learn to get along but for centuries before … Continue reading »

Onward Celtic Soldiers!

Ibrox is silent this mid-week and so is Celtic Park but a different Celtic will be making all the noise.  The Celtic nations of Scotland, The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland all have friendlies on the international fixture list.  The Welsh are taking the week off, which is likely a good thing as they’re still without … Continue reading »

Over A Pint / Should English Football Take A Break Over The Holidays?

In the first of a new series from WFC, Geoff Edwards and Eliot Rothwell hash over the merits and drawbacks of a winter break in English football. Continue reading »

Who Is To Blame For England’s Failures?

Should we blame Capello, the players or the English set up? Continue reading »

Form and Fitness, eh?

When Capello took the England job he declared that players would be picked on form and fitness, not on reputation. England’s World Cup squad tells a different story. Continue reading »

Jamie Carragher, 32, ‘retired’ International Footballer

Zidane and Figo did it. Scholes does not want to do it. And Van Nistelrooy cannot do it – David Harrison considers the thoughts behind International retirement following Jamie Carragher’s inclusion into England’s World Cup squad. Continue reading »

A Defence of Steve McClaren

Steve McClaren’s failure to lead England to the 2008 European Championships left him as a national laughing stock. This column looks away from McClaren’s England debacle and highlights some of his notable achievements with Middlesbrough and FC Twente, as well as show that McClaren is a leading example for English managers who want to achieve more than mid-table respectability. Continue reading »

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Culture Schlock

Roger Domeneghetti reviews Paul Tomkin's book Pay As You Play, which reveals an interesting method for comparing your favourite sides of old with the best clubs of today.

Culture Schlock

Martin Palazzotto reviews David Goldblatt's The Ball Is Round, a comprehensive history of the beautiful game.


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