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FA Cup: Man City 1-0 Stoke – A Changing Of The Guard?

City had a fight on their hands from a stalwart Stoke but finally have a trophy to show for Sheikh Mansour’s massive investment. Now that it’s on the shelf, it’s difficult to believe it will be lonely for long. Continue reading »

Mario Balotelli Says: Rio Ferdinand Doesn’t Know How To Celebrate!

Mario Balotelli graces WFC with another exclusive interview, revealing the inside scoop on what really happened at the end of the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday. Continue reading »

FA Cup – Stoke v Bolton Wanderers: Both Clubs Live Up To Their Names

Bolton come completely unhinged in the FA Cup semi-final and Tony Pulis and Stoke storm into the Final against Man City. Continue reading »

Man United 0 – 1 Man City: Where’s Howard Webb When Fergie Really Needs Him?

Manchester City have finally earned the key to the Premier League’s executive loo, with a 1-0 victory over United at Wembley in the FA Cup semi-final. But while it may be the beginning of great things for City, it’s by no means the end of the road for United. Continue reading »

FA Cup: Man City & United Have The Spotlight But Stoke & Bolton May Offer More Punch

Did you think we forgot the FA Cup semi-finals when we posted the Weekend Catch? Hardly. They deserve a spotlight to themselves! Continue reading »

Manchester United Introduces 7-Up: The Un-Offence

Who knows how the human brain functions? One thing is certain, though. The train of thought does not run on a fixed timetable or follow a set route. I never know where my thoughts will take me but I was still rather surprised that Sir Alex Ferguson’s opposite-of-what-they-seem tactics in Saturday’s FA Cup clash between Manchester United and Arsenal brought to mind a soft-drink commercial from my youth. Continue reading »

Arsenal Feel The Corleone Effect

Just when it seemed that their time had come, Arsenal lost their way and have fallen back into a morass of insecurity and injury. Continue reading »

FA Cup 3rd Round: Beanstalks Climbed, Golden Geese Pilfered

Written by Martin Palazzotto, Tapesh Patel and Eliot Rothwell As everyone knows, anticipates and celebrates, the FA Cup is English football’s opportunity for David to meet Goliath, Jack to slay his giant and the underdog to have his day.  We all like to see the little guy come out on top, to stick it to … Continue reading »

The Scouser Report – Manchester United vs Liverpool

Manchester United at Old Trafford, especially in the Third Round of the FA Cup, was always going to be a big ask, considering the level of performance that has been witnessed away from Anfield this season. And so, it was perhaps a shrewd time to have Roy Hodgson make way for the return of Kenny … Continue reading »

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Culture Schlock

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