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Leonardo’s Inter – AC Milan Adventure: How To Antagonise An Entire City In Two Easy Steps

Leonardo has completed his version of A Fistful of Dollars, the Clint Eastwood classic, by playing off AC Milan and Inter against one another before riding off into a Parisian sunset. The Brazilian’s version didn’t turn out as well, however, as he was shot down both times. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Inter says, “That’s A Wrap!”

The season’s final edition of SWT looks at the Coppa d’Italia, Inter and Palermo’s prospects for the next campaign and Massimiliano’s comments regarding Jose Mourinho. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Of Sampdoria Suicide & Roma, Juve Reluctance

The Serie A season wraps up this weekend, with only the Champions League qualifier and final Europa League places left to decide. Continue reading »

Coppa d’ Italia Preview: Ever-Present Inter Take On Long Absent Palermo

The Coppa d’ Italia Final in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico is set for Sunday, May 29th. Leonardo will lead Inter to their fifth final in six years, hoping that a victory will secure his job. In the other dugout, Palermo’s Delio Rossi could register a rare feat. A win will see him claim a trophy for a team after having been replaced in the same campaign. If you ask either manager, they’ll tell you that in Italian football, nothing is ever easy. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: AC Milan’s 21 Gun Salute

While AC Milan quietly won their first Scudetto in eight years, Udinese moved back into the Champions League, Lecce climbed out of danger, Sampdoria fell into it and Brescia left themselves nowhere to go but down. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Inter’s Pazzini Stuns Cesena, Brescia Cling To Hope & Udinese Look Lost

The Serie A is unfortunately ahead of schedule in conducting its end of season business. The Scudetto is almost secure and the automatic Champions league places are locked down. Still there are two quartets, one battling for the remaining European places and the other to survive relegation. If this weekend’s array of last minute goals is any indication, none of the eight sides will rest easy until their task is done. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: AC Milan Within Reach of Scudetto, Napoli Throwing It All Away

Milan seem to be the only club in Italy consistently winning. As such, they’re on the threshold of their first Scudetto since 2003. In the meantime, last week’s losers, Roma and Inter came out on top on Saturday while the winners from seven days past, Lazio and Udinese took it on the chin. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Lazio, Udinese On The Up, Inter, Napoli, Roma Break Down & Samp Beyond Repair

With five games remaining in the Serie A season, every point won – and lost – is vital. As the final stretch takes shape, the only certainties are at the top and bottom. Milan have the Scudetto well within their grasp and Bari should be making plans for Serie B in the fall. Everything else is still in doubt. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Lecce Fly, Udinese Crash & Parma Drift Into Danger

This week on Spaghetti Western Theatre, Lecce may have crafted a happy ending to their season, Udinese have been caught in a cruel plot twist and Parma have given Hernan Crespo’s understudy top billing. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Pato Powers Milan, Leonardo Sours Inter & Bari Can’t Catch A Break

Suddenly, it doesn’t matter whether Leonardo’s Inter are good for two or three goals per game. They can’t keep the ball out of their own goal. Forget walking home after another loss, the ends of the Earth wouldn’t be far enough for Julio Cesar to purge himself of the memories of the drubbings he has been receiving lately. Continue reading »

Bundesliga v Serie A: Is The UEFA Co-Efficient An Accurate Reflection Of Their Relative Standing?

UEFA has decided, through a complicated formula, that the Bundesliga are now more worthy than Serie A of representation in Europe but are they really. Martin Palazzotto takes a (somewhat) objective look at which competition offers more to the neutral fan. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Napoli’s Cavani Braced, Milan’s Ibra Misplaced & The Azzurri School For Wayward Boys

Inexplicably, Napoli are right back in the hunt for the Scudetto, just three weeks after their no-show against Milan at the San Siro. Like a bad case of acid reflux, the Serie A title race just refuses to settle down. Meanwhile, Cesare Prandelli demands more from his young players than mere prowess out on the pitch. Daniele de Rossi and Mario Balotelli have been told their services won’t be required against Slovenia, in the wake of their foolish red cards in continental competition. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Udinese Make It Easy, Bari Make Milan Look Sorry & Lazio, Not Roma, Fall

Udinese continue their stampede from the bottom of the table to the top, Milan leave a golden opportunity to cement the Scudetto wanting and Lazio bow out of serious contention. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: AC Milan & Napoli Provide The Drama, Palermo’s Chairman The Comic Relief

Someone forgot to tell Napoli that Monday night at the San Siro was their most important match of the year and Palermo manager Delio Rossi, sacked by bombastic owner Maurizio Zamparini can take a page from Martin Luther King JR, shouting from the Sicilian rooftops, “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last! Continue reading »

Palermo Chairman Zamparini Sacks Delio Rossi, Names Next Victim

It’s not surprising that Maurizio Zamparini fired Delio Rossi after the Rosanero’s 7-0 humiliation in front of the home crowd but given that Udinese coach Francesco Guidolin has himself been sacked by Zamparini three times and all of Serie A has listened to the Sicilian club’s chairman berate his capable coach week in and week out, this might have been a mercy killing. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Inter Close, The Pack Slows & Roma’s Ranieri Goes

Inter bounced back quickly from last week’s loss at Juve, whilst the Bianconeri and the rest of the pack fell back. Roma’s second blown match in 4 days was too much for Claudio Ranieri who said Arrivederci, Roma. Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Juventus Re-Emerge, Milan & Napoli Surge But For Roma A Dirge

The Good After a seven match slump which saw Juventus draw half as many as they lost and win only half as many as they drew (don’t you just love a good brainteaser?) but, more importantly, lose striker Fabio Quagliarella for the remainder of the campaign, Luigi Del Neri’s squad have stopped scratching their heads, … Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: Napoli Rise, Bari Sink, Palermo Not Quite In The Pink

The Good During the World Cup, Edinson Cavani was very much the third option in the Uruguayan attack.  He made some blazing runs from the right flank but the real dangers were Diego Forlan in the middle and Luis Suarez on the far side (and in goal).  All in all, his play was largely positive … Continue reading »

Serie A Spaghetti Western Theatre: AC Milan Get Tough, Sampdoria Sell Silverware, Brescia Coaching Confusion

The Good What a difference a year makes. Last season, AC Milan, with Leonardo at the helm, was chasing Mourinho’s Inter and Ranieri’s Roma, the combined flair of Ronaldhino, Pato, Clarence Seedorf, Klass-Jan Huntelaar, Andrea Pirlo, Pippo Inzaghi and David Beckham of insufficient substance to contend for the Scudetto.  Now, after an autumn in the … Continue reading »

Spaghetti Western Theatre: Udinese Pour In The Goals, Chievo Suffer A Drought & Lazio Drowning In Misery

The Good For the past two weeks, Udinese and Internazionale have alternated the starring role in SWT, filling opponents full of lead (well, leather actually) like a pair of wild west gunslingers, but the top spot in this column simply wasn’t big enough for the both of them.  So, the  pair met on Sunday at … Continue reading »

Spaghetti Western Theatre: Inter Rolling, Genoa Stalling and Roma Splintering

The Good Last week, I nominated Udinese ahead of Inter Milan for mention in this section of SWT.  The Little Zebras continued their gallop up the table on Sunday, with a strong 4-2 victory at the Luigi Ferraris against Genoa.  Still, one good turn deserves another; now the Bianconeri will have to step aside for … Continue reading »

Spaghetti Western Theatre, Udinese Throw Down With Milan, Lazio Lose Altitude, Juventus Crash

The Good Two thirds of this week’s Spaghetti Western Theatre will be brought to you in black and white. if you were anticipating the good third to be filled by Juventus, you’ll just have to wait until we get further down.  Much further down. No, even though the 2011 version of Inter, featuring Leonardo at … Continue reading »

Lazio Want To Fly Higher

Can Lazio overcome the might of AC Milan to win this year’s Serie A title? Stranger things have happened. As we enter the second half of the season, the Biancocelesti find themselves in second place, five points behind leaders Milan. Despite stuttering to a 0-0 draw with Genoa in their first outing of the new … Continue reading »

Serie A 2010-11 Mid-Term Report

As La Liga parallels the SPL, with two dominant clubs head and shoulders above the rest, Serie A, at the moment, bears a remarkable similarity to the Premier League.  In England, there are three clubs sitting atop the mountain, with two more clubs battling for the fourth entry into the Champions League.  It’s virtually the … Continue reading »

Spaghetti Western Theatre: Rafa Benitez’ Inter Dream Shot Down, AC Milan Court Cassano & Bari Court Disaster

The Good It’s finally official.  Inter have announced the sacking of Rafa Benitez.  While I am on the record as a critic of the Spaniard, labeling his sacking a good thing is by no means meant to be vindictive.  Rafa Benitez is an accomplished manager.  He won two domestic titles at Valencia, who happen to … Continue reading »

Spaghetti Western Theatre, Round 15: Starring Hernan Crespo, Rafa Benitez and AS Bari

The Good After a very slow start to his return engagement with Parma, Hernan Crespo has come alive.  The 35 year-old Argentine has scored the last five goals for his club, including a brace this weekend over red-hot Udinese.  In that 2-1 victory, the veteran overshadowed the Little Zebras captain, Antonio Di Natale, who had … Continue reading »

Spaghetti Western Theatre: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly In Serie A, Round 13

The Completion of Round 13 signifies that Serie A has officially (by my authority, anyway) completed the first third of the 2010-11 campaign.  Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end but for this year, there is an end to the beginning.  Don’t worry too much, though, as there is quite a way to … Continue reading »

Spaghetti Western Theatre: Sticks & Stones

The Good It’s been a while but AC Milan are back atop the Serie A table.  They’ve had a good week, as far as results go, jumping out to a big lead at the San Nicola before holding off a desperate Bari, 3-2, on the weekend and continuing to find the goal against Delio Rossi’s … Continue reading »

Spaghetti Western Theatre: Shooting From the Lip On The Serie A

What a difference a fortnight can make!  Just two weeks ago the Little Zebras of Udinese were mired at the bottom of the Serie A.  Bari, on the other hand, weren’t setting the Italian scene alight, but were playing some effective football, good enough to be in the top half of the table.  Last weekend, … Continue reading »

The Plight Of The Working Man

Sound Off on Serie A player’s threatening to strike! Continue reading »

Calcio Returns — The 2010-11 Serie A Preview

Jose Mourinho may have taken his act to Spain but Italy is still special. Continue reading »

Something Is Rotten In Italy

A trip down memory lane inspired by the current sad state of Italian football. Continue reading »

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