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FC Barcelona: On Becoming The Monster You Have Slain

If you force me to stare at the Mona Lisa 24/7, it won’t be long before I find little to smile about. Continue reading »

La Liga Experiences Technical Difficulties

Across Spain players say pay me, then play me. Continue reading »

WFC’s 2011-12 La Liga Preview – Not Quite At The Last Minute

Tom Pollock is ready for the La Liga season. Unfortunately, the players aren’t. Continue reading »

Sergio Aguero Highlights Atletico’s Inability To Keep Its Stars

Tom Pollock reckons that Atletico Madrid are tired of settling for scraps at the La Liga table. Continue reading »

Barcelona v Real Madrid, Game 4: Of Heroes & Villains, El Clasico Style

Barcelona are through to the Champions League final but Jose Mourinho, forced to watch from a hotel for security reasons, did not get his wish. Pep Guardiola cannot claim credit for his managerial genius as the Blaugrana were aided by yet another controversial officiating decision. Continue reading »

Ottmar Hitzfeld Blindsides Jose Mourinho

Ottmar Hitzfeld is putting his glass house on the market. Continue reading »

Real Madrid v Barcelona, Game 3: Advantage Messi!

Wednesday’s third installment of El Clasico finally went Barcelona’s way but despite two excellent goals from Lionel Messi, the Catalans had to use less than scrupulous methods to achieve the result. Continue reading »

Real Madrid v Barcelona – Intermission

Real Madrid and Barcelona get a short reprieve from each others company, although it is a working holiday. Continue reading »

Real Madrid v Barcelona, Game 2: Advantage Ronaldo!

Second verse, same as the first. Real and Barca dueled to a ninety minute draw at the Mestalla on Wednesday evening. This was a Cup Final, however, and Pep Guardiola was again dismayed to find that Jose Mourinho was well prepared to face him in a knockout situation. Continue reading »

Real Madrid v Barcelona, Game 1: The Battle Lines Are Drawn In The El Clasico War

Real more than held their own at the Bernabeu, with the only embarrassing performance in El Clasico coming from the referee. Next stop, a Copa del Rey suddenly without a clear favourite. Continue reading »

Real Madrid v Barcelona: Is This UEFA Or The Stanley Cup?

With four matches in so short a time, the Barcelona/Real Madrid rivalry takes on a new dimension. Continue reading »

There’s A New Hope In La Liga…

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes but there is a Spanish referee who believes that tackling is a part of the game. Continue reading »

La Liga 2010-11 Mid-Term Report

The quality is higher, especially the finishing, there are more clubs and, on the surface, at least, the finances seem better.  In one aspect, however, La Primera Liga is very similar to the Scottish Premier League.  That parallel development between them, of course, is the almost unending domination by each competition’s two largest clubs.  In … Continue reading »

El Clasico: The Song Remains The Same

On top of being in a two-horse race for best manager of this generation, with Sir Alex Ferguson, on top of winning 3 Champions League Trophies, on top of winning two each of Premier League and Serie A titles and on top of being the darling of the English media, Jose Mourinho may be prescient. … Continue reading »

This Is Not The Key Player In Real’s Title Dreams

Does Ronaldo have enough of a desire to win to put aside his ego and permit someone else to take the lead? Continue reading »

The 2010-11 La Liga Preview

Chris Mann gets you primed for the weekend kickoff of the Spanish top flight! Continue reading »

Is The Special One The Real Deal?

He is renowned for delivering success but can Jose Mourinho deliver it with the style of football that Madrid demand? Continue reading »

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