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Copious Notes On The Copa America: The Fat Lady Sings & The Skinny One Remains Clothed

Uruguay have made their case for being the best South American side now and in the past with their victory over Paraguay in the Copa America final. Continue reading »

Copious Notes On The Copa America: History or Mediocrity?

Uruguay seek to become the all-time South American champions while Paraguay hope for a first victory in the tournament from the most important match in it. Continue reading »

Copious Notes On The Copa America: Turning The World On Its Head

Brazil and Argentina knocked out of the Copa America in the first knockout round? What next? Don’t look now but it may be Peru and Venezuela in the Final. Pack your gear and head for higher ground; Armageddon is upon us! Continue reading »

The Women’s World Cup: Why Brazil Lose

The ladies are every bit as skilled compared to the rest of the world as the men. So, why do the Brazilian women continue to search for its first World Cup or Olympic Gold? Continue reading »

Copious Notes On The Copa America: Birth Of A Tournament

The Copa America began with a collective “meh” last week. Yet, after two rounds of sleep therapy, South America’s powerhouses awoke to find they had work to do and do it they did, at long last in style. Continue reading »

Copious Notes On The Copa America: Topsy-Turvy Tables

If the Copa America were Gulliver’s Travels, then we’d be in the chapter where the Lilliputians have the hero, heroes in this case, staked out and tied down. Fans of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay are all hoping that their giant follows the story-line and bursts free of their restraints to move on to the quarterfinals with confidence. Continue reading »

Copious Notes On The Copa America – Opening Matches

The Copa America is underway, although someone might want to tell the clubs involved. The opening rounds may have been starved for entertaining football but we brought you highlights of what little there was, because that’s just the type of bloggers we are. Continue reading »

Chelsea Face Heavy Competition For Neymar’s Signature

Roman Abramovich came up empty, last year, when he tried to land Brazilian sensation Neymar from Santos and it’s well known that he doesn’t like to lose. Now, the youngster is a year older, with a Copa Libertadores title under his belt. Talk is he may be ready to test himself in Europe. Unfortunately, the Russian billionaire is no longer the only one fishing these waters. It’s going to take a special lure to land this big fish. Continue reading »

Neymar: One Banana Equals 60,000 Racists?

Neymar’s refusal to apologise for his remarks in the wake of the Brazil/Scotland friendly wasn’t reasoned out very well. Continue reading »

Brazil, Argentina & CONMEBOL Took Their Show On The Road During The International Break

As the Copa America doesn’t need a qualifying round, many South American clubs played in friendlies around the world on the last FIFA date. Continue reading »

2011 Argentine Clausura Preview

A special tournament begins this weekend in Argentina.  The 2011 Clausura has been commemorated to former president Nestor Kirchner  - officially titled the Torneo Nestor Kirchner Clausura 2011.  The trophy to the winner has also been politicised, having been christened the Copa Malvinas Argentina. The Malvinas naturally being the Argentine name for the Falklands Islands. … Continue reading »

Brazil v France: A Friendly In The Long Shadow Of 1998

Thirteen years.  That’s how long it’s been since France shocked the world by defeating the Brazilians in the 98 World Cup Final.  That Les Bleus squad would stay together long enough to win the 2000 Euros but would fall apart in 2002.  The Selecao would go on to win the tournament in Japan before settling … Continue reading »

2011 Copa Libertadores Preview

This week marks the first few games of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. Dubbed as the South American Champions League,  the tournament is not as well-organized, nor as technical as its wealthy Old World cousin. While the structure and prestige of the tournament are similar to the UEFA competition, there are some significant … Continue reading »

The Prodigal Sons Of Brazilian Football

Estadio Alfredo Schürig, in Sao Paolo, is a stadium owned by SC Corinthians Paulista.  As it accommodates less than 14,000 people, Corinthians first team have played their Campeonato Brasileiro (National Championship, equivalent to the English Premier League) and Copa Libertadores matches at the Pacaembu Stadium since the 1950s.  The senior side does still play its … Continue reading »

2011 Campeonato Brasileiro Preview

It’s January and all the teams in Brazil are preparing for the 2011 season has just started with the State Championships, a series of regional championships in which clubs flesh out their squads for the league campaign. The long and winding road will finish in December, with the last round of the National Championship, the … Continue reading »

Undercurrents: Independiente Win Copa Sud America!

The football gods have spoken. After a grueling 120-minute match and the tense rosary-fingering moments during the penalty kicks, Independiente, laying 17th in the Argentine Apertura, completed a storied fight back on Wednesday evening, from a 2-0 defeat in the opening leg of th e tie, to defeat relegated Campeonato side Goiás. The Championship, roughly … Continue reading »

What Has Happened To Argentina’s Big Five?

WFC welcomes Thomas Clark, also known, in the second and third circles of hell, as the Yorkshire Enigma.  Tom will be weighing in from time to time on the South American scene.  In between postings he can also be found on his own site, Fútbol, Fútbol, Fútbol, and on IBWM. Ever since the professionalisation of Argentine … Continue reading »

Brazil and Argentina ‘Take It Outside’

Dubbed as the first real test for both teams since the World Cup (despite Argentina’s win over Spain), this match will present an interesting sight for the two new coaches, as they each brought along a handful of fresh players to the Arabian Desert.  For both men, the work is just beginning for the Copa … Continue reading »

Ashton Kutcher Strikes Again!

With some help from Mrs. Demi Moore, Martin Palazzotto revisits the changing landscape of Brazilian football. Continue reading »

Neymar vs Dorival Junior

One head swells and the other rolls. Continue reading »

Always Keep Your Options Open

Maradona may have bigger plans than being just a field general. Continue reading »

Who’s Gonna Take The Brazilian Hot Seat?

With so much pressure on the Selecao to win at home in four years, the decision as to who will lead them is wide open. Continue reading »

The Odd Couple?

The label would seem to fit the pair of MLS franchises who are roommates in the 27,000 seat Home Depot Center. The LA Galaxy love to splash the cash, going after big name players, while CD Chivas USA are penny pinchers on a par with Scrooge himself. Look under the surface, however, and these two sides appear to be much friendlier than their fans might like. Continue reading »

Difference Between Rivals

A look at Brazil and Argentina in the eve of the big tournament. Continue reading »

How Ashton Kutcher Explains Football

A look at the sudden changes that are occurring in the tactics and politics of some of the World’s football powers. Continue reading »

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