The Weekend Catch In Review, 4-5 December 2010

The snow wasn’t the only thing to come down hard, this week in Europe.  The pre-Christmas axing began with one each in the Bundesliga, Serie A and the Premier League. Michael Meier, of Cologne was actually let go a week ago but news coming out of Germany is that former Bayern and Die Mannschaft keeper … Read more

The Weekend Catch For 3-4 December, 2010

Yes, that is Ronaldhino in there somewhere, further proving that the Brazilian’s game completely disappears in the cold weather. This weekend’s Catch comes with a legal footnote:  we are not responsible for any postponement or rescheduled games.  Winter has hit Europe and especially Germany and the UK in full force.  Matches have been called off … Read more

Weekend Catch In Review, 27-28 November 2010

The editor takes this opportunity to abuse his privileges and congratulate the Montreal Alouettes on winning the 98th edition of the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup.  Say what you like about my native land but we do know how to make history (and trophies). Now, back to your regularly scheduled football… Yes, yes, El Clasico … Read more

The Weekend Catch For 27-28 November, 2010

Okay, we’ve had our fun and the votes are all in.  Jude Ellery Waxing Philosophic has been chosen by the masses as the official likeness for our sartorially challenged England correspondent.  With the golden tone of the background, the winning image does have a certain messianic quality. There’s a frightening thought!  Whatever happens, just remember … Read more

The Weekend Catch In Review, 20-21 November 2010

Wow!  It’s been a wild week of football! There were exciting matches wherever you look.  One of the biggest saw Tottenham fight back brilliantly to get the better of Arsene Wenger and the Gunners in the London Derby.  There was dirty fighting as well, as Luis Suarez pulled a Mike Tyson and bit an opponent … Read more

The Weekend Catch For 20-21 November, 2010

After a hectic Wednesday chock full of fixtures, there is no let up as the domestic leagues just keep on trucking.  WFC isn’t about to lose our place in the convoy, so here we are, with another slate of interesting matches from all over the globe. Strap in and enjoy the ride:   around the … Read more

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