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UEFA Champions League Lesson #14: Be Careful What You Ask For, You Just Might Get It!

Hell has frozen over, West Ham are pressing for a Champions League place and Alan Shearer has done his homework. Well, no not really. But WFC founder Steven Jones has done a Bilbo Baggins, coming back as if from the grave to share his view of this week’s prospects in the Champions League. Continue reading »

MLS must adapt by breaking traditions

The move to ‘soccer specific’ stadiums such as New York’s move to the Red Bull stadium is a start for MLS teams, but there’s so much more that needs to change. Continue reading »

Hughton and Abbott break the mould!

Chris Hughton and Gregg Abbott prove foreign managers arn’t always the solution! Continue reading »

Sponsors are making headlines in South America

How the economy affects sponsors in South American countries. Continue reading »

England's Left Side Answer

Charles N’Zogbia has set his sights on playing in the World Cup but for England. Would Fabio Capello consider taking a foreigner as part of the 23 man squad? Continue reading »

The Beginning of the Protracted Finals to Determine the Champions of the League Which Is Finished Already

Not that there’s anything wrong with this sort of thing but when Sydney beat Melbourne in the final game of the ‘regular’ season to claim the minor premiership and install themselves as red hot favourites to go on to the championship game there was a nagging feeling that maybe that should have been that. Continue reading »

All this fuss about Nik Mrdja?!?

Who’s Nik Mrdja? Good question. He’s the player at the centre of the A-Leagues latest and most exciting scandal. Name calling, corruption charges, possible fines, moral panic, outrage, we have it all but before trying o explain who Nik Mrdja is, let’s take a step back and look at the context. Continue reading »

Robinho just being Robinho!

A look at Robinho and his newest move to Santos. Continue reading »

SSC Napoli Alive and Kicking Once More

Despite a promising start to the season of 2008/2009, SSC Napoli ended the campaign in a disappointing 12th place. Owner and movie mogul Aurelio De Laurentiis was anything but happy with the end result and promised on a better finishing for the upcoming season. During the summer the movie mogul managed to keep his star … Continue reading »

The Wenger Way

Would anybody begrudge the Arsenal boss a 4th Premier League Title? Continue reading »

It's Not For Everyone

For many people being a footballer is a dream. However, some players decide a career in the game is not for them. Continue reading »

Write for the Asian section

We currently have no writers for Asian Football. If you would like to write for this section then please get in contact!

What is wrong with Ange Postecoglu?

A league review news round 22 Continue reading »

David Beckham: How to divide England’s fans in World Cup year

Finally the England squad has some real competition for World Cup plane tickets, but is there one with David Beckham’s name on? Continue reading »

The new stars of the Premiership

The new stars of the Premiership is a title which is thrown around a lot and I know people are expecting to read about the same players over and over again. So don’t worry i wont mention Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey or the Da Silva twins. They have all been publicised too often. The first … Continue reading »

Where does Hargreaves fit in Manchester United's 2010 team?

The return of Owen Hargreaves is imminent – just in time to build up enough games to stake a claim for a place at next years’ World Cup – his last, in Germany, being a huge success. There is, however, a more immediate target for Hargreaves – to break into the Manchester United first XI. Continue reading »

Deal With It

Celtic and Rangers aren’t moving to the English Premier League, and an Atlantic League seems a long way off. It’s time for the Old Firm to face up to a long-term future in the SPL. Continue reading »

The long winding road

While South Africa is anxious to welcome the World Cup and millions dream of Ghana or Ivory Coast as champions, the continent needs a step forward. But the latest events in Cape Verde show how far off the African football is from its Europe counterpart, organization-wise. And it’s mostly about money. Continue reading »

When “The Next Big Thing” were three

After a few years abroad, I returned to the islands, to hear there was a new football star rising: 18 year old Rody. It reminded me of another rags-to-starlet story, a long time ago. In 1994, when I just a kid, they were “The Next Big Thing”. Continue reading »

Will Thierry Henry Be The Next Big Thing in MLS?

Rumours of the French star’s arrival at the New York Red Bulls continue to circulate. As a fine MLS season ends, how much of a difference would Thierry Henry make next year? Continue reading »

Ups and downs in a long and unusual dispute

An unexpected final of the Campeonato Brasileiro. Continue reading »

Home Advantage

Europe and South America have a new rival for next summer’s FIFA showpiece. Continue reading »

Experience Required

You’re a 10 year old, looking for a game of football. Should be easy enough…..shouldn’t it? Continue reading »

“How to scare away good players” for dummies

Let’s imagine you are the president of Cape Verde’s Football Federation. Your best available players are all abroad and most of them could soon be playing for other countries. So, how do you make sure they stay as far away from the islands as possible? Continue reading »

Sydney FC : Back to their Best

Having supported this club since they came in to existence I think it’s fair to say that I’m a little bit biased. Put simply, I’d come to loathe them. Continue reading »

Didier Drogba: Open to Attack

An assessment of the Premier League’s most divisive striker Continue reading »

The double-nationality dilemma

Ingratitude, high treason, lack of patriotism and greed. These are the expressions I hear the most whenever the discussion moves to a specific issue: the Cape Verdean natives or descendants who represent other football national teams. Continue reading »

A tale of two Bohemians

Bohemians Prague were founded in 1905, but in 2009 the Gambrinus Liga has two teams by that name. Continue reading »

Premiership stronger than ever

Our new writer Dan Mckeown attempts to remind everyone that along with all the controversy we have seen already in the Premier League this season were also witnessing what could be one of the best seasons in recent memory. Continue reading »

The country that is now looking forward to a football match

The improvement of the Venezuelan football. Continue reading »

Can Navas break the psychological barrier?

With 23 spots available for each World Cup team next year, there are still places up in the air in each squad. Jesus Navas will be a hopeful for inclusion into the Spanish National Team, but only if he can get over his phobia. Continue reading »

Is It Worth Crossing The Divide?

Many players have played for both halves of a major rivalry. Given the attention, and the abuse, that such a move can bring, is it really worth it? Continue reading »

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