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Elementary, My Dear Stretford: Can Manchester United Go Through The Season Unbeaten?

Will it be another season wherein United chase Arsenal’s Invincibles? Two early matches may have a lot to say about any such pursuit. Continue reading »

Elementary, My Dear Stretford: Is The New Man United Better Suited To Beat Barcelona?

With the young Red Devils surprising success and the Blaugrana’s early struggles, is there finally hope for United in Europe again? Continue reading »

Elementary, My Dear Stretford: What’s Going On In Owen Hargreaves’ Head?

Harry Sherlock gets his feelings about Owen Hargreaves off his chest. Continue reading »

Elementary, My Dear Stretford: United Makes Wenger Pay The Butcher’s Bill

On Sunday, Arsene Wenger saw fifteen years of success counterbalanced in one afternoon. Continue reading »

Elementary, My Dear Stretford: Busby’s Babes, Fergie’s Fledglings, I & II… Who Says Manchester United Have Abandoned Youth?

Last season, the word was that United was just too old to get the job done for an entire season. This year, they’re too young. Meanwhile, they just keep winning. Continue reading »

Ballad Of A Disenchanted Premier League Fan

First Santa Claus, then Jedward, now the Premier League. Continue reading »

Elementary, My Dear Stretford: A Manchester United Defensive Crisis? What Defensive Crisis?

Fans may remember the winter of 2009-10, when United were playing Darren Fletcher and Ryan Giggs at the back because there was simply no one else. There’s no need to panic early in 2011-12, says Harry Sherlock. Even if Rafael, Rio and Vidic are out, United have a group of capable reserves ready to fill their boots. Continue reading »

Elementary My Dear Stretford: Who Are Man United’s Key Challengers In 2011-12?

harry Sherlock investigates which clubs will provide the stiffest competition for Man United’s title defence. Continue reading »

Elementary, My Dear Stretford: Is Wesley Sneijder The Answer For Manchester United?

Harry Sherlock wonders why United would run off to Italy for milk, when they have a perfectly healthy cow in the barn. Continue reading »

Elementary, My Dear Stretford: Man United & City Stretch The Meaning Of Friendly

Who’s Harry Sherlock? Well, he’s not a bumbling private detective or a master of disguise (that was Harry Crumb). When you read the first edition of Elementary, My Dear Stretford, you’ll immediately deduce that he’s our new Manchester United correspondent. So, if you’re a City fan, well – hit the bricks, Moriarty! Continue reading »

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Culture Schlock

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