Welcome To World Football Columns.

We’ve certainly set ourselves a challenge but we’re striving to live up to our name.


The first part we can’t accomplish without your help.  We need fans of both football and the written word from every corner of the globe.  If you fancy putting pen to paper (or finger to keypad!) to share your opinions on the beautiful game, there’s room for you here.



Sorry, but we do mean the round variety.  If your balls are not spherical and have not been kicked regularly, we don’t want to hear about them.   Other than that one painful restriction, it doesn’t matter whether you are new to blogging, have your own football (or any type of) blog or are up for the Pulitzer Prize.  We’re happy to have a diversity of football opinion.



We did say opinions.  While we do review matches, it is commentary which feeds our need.  Whether you wish to rant on the condition of the game in general, in your region, country or at your favourite club, we want to publish what you think.

So, if you do think and, more importantly, think about football specifically and want the rest of the world to know what you think, give us a shout.

On the other hand, if you prefer to keep your thoughts close to your vest but are curious about what others have to say, by all means,read on! (Feel free to comment, as well, but do play nice)


The WFC Staff


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